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Discussion in 'General' started by Shouse1018, May 28, 2006.

  1. Sup blades. Tomorrow I'm gonna get a digital camera. I'm on a budget

    so i've decided $150 would be adequate. Any suggestions on Good camera's

    for that price? I want something that has good pic quality and at least 4.0 mega pixels

    Naturally i want a camera that will be good for up close shots too.

    All help will be greatly appreciated.

    o.k. Circuit City has 5.0 MP Kodac Easy Share C530 with 4x6 photo printer dock for 199.99.

    Office Depot has a 4.1 MP Super CCD 3x optical zoom for 149.99

    Which one would be better??
  2. the office depots because 4.1 mps is good resolutuin. that will take great budshots. go for that 50 bucks is not worth is for 1 more mp..

    I have a sony mini vid cam thing and it got 5.1 mp for taking pics but it was 500$$

    the office depot has the better deal
  3. I also Found a Nikon 4 MP 3x optical zoom for 149.99[​IMG]

    FujiFilm Fine Pix 6.3 MP 3x optical zoom for 199.99
    I was thinkin the Fuji Film. The kodac Easy share does come with a printer dock for

    the same price, just 1.3 MP less..............What yall think?
  4. Nikon is a great brand.. ALSO look into Canon.

    Out of the two camera companies I would deicde on.. They are Nikon and Canon.

    Then again im talking about performance on 2 grand SLR's.. Not point and shoots. But they still both make great cameras.

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