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camel turkish gold or royal?

Discussion in 'General' started by boombiddy, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. haven't tried the royals yet
    what's the difference between the two?
  2. golds suck, royals rule.


    turkish royals taste better, smell better, and have a more robust hit overall than golds.
  3. for real?
    i've tried the golds and they're just fantastic to smoke..
    im buying a pack of both to compare :D
  4. i honestly can't stand turkish golds, and i'm a camel smoker if i'm buying packs,

    it goes

    Kamel red

    Kamel red light

    turkish royal

    camel non-filtered

    camel wides

    camel filters

    that's my opinion on camels quality scale, everything else is a waste of time in my opinon.

    i usually roll my own however. peter stockbyye has amazing blends of rolling tobacco.

    ..now i realllly want a smoke.
  5. is peter stockbyye widely available? i roll my own cigs most of the time too, with midnight special tobacco.

    you mean stokkebye?
  6. yes it's available at any fine tobacconist, and yes. forgive my spelling error. i'm a huge fan of the amsterdam shag mixed with the norweigen shag they offer
  7. i'll check it out next time i'm buying some rolling tobacco
  8. I used to smoke Royals every so often, they're not bad...I heard they stopped selling them, apparently that's just around here I guess.
  9. I don't like either of them. turkish golds are better i guess.

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