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  1. If I never do anything wrong and never fight with the girl, always being nice. Never gave her a problem about what she does anymore, what could possibly go wrong right?
    This way, if she left me, I know it's on her, because I didn't do sheeet.
    What do you think, GC? ;)
  2. ........this will backfire i can almost 100% count on it
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    And what if she finds you to be dull? What if you lack in the sack? What if you cant support her? Trust me man, they can still find something and no matter what you'll still feel shitty when they leave you.

    But at least then you'll know that bitch wasnt worth it.
  4. I know, it's backfired plenty of times when I wound up getting frustrated and fighting with her..

    Lack in the sack would be a never and so would supporting her, but finding me dull? Eh, I doubt it'd really get to that point, I'd always be keeping the conv sparked up, even if it did I'd find a way around it.

    But of course I'd feel shitty, I lover her, don't I ? :p

  5. Then you're good to go
  6. I speak from experience that "treating other how you want to be treated" usually doesn't end in the desired outcome.

    People will always find fault with others, there's no reason you should bend over backwards to to be perfect for someone because they will either:

    A.) Feel as though they are being pampered and seek distance.

    B.) Take you for granted and expect more.

    Relationships suck man. Just be you. If you're a prick, then be a prick. If you're a goody-goody, then do that.
  7. Yep, sometimes people just aren't compatible. Doesn't mean anyone did anything wrong, but the two people just don't match. That's how it goes a lot of the times. It's like that with friends and partners.
  8. trust me, the bitch will find something to whine about and you will have no choice BUT to give in and some how be at fault.
  9. lol, that might be true with these HOES but if your trying to have a serious relationship then this isn't the right way.
  10. I have an idea: Why don't you find a really cool girl that doesn't give you so much shit?

    Or if you don't want to leave her just because of sex, then don't complain about how she treats you. :confused_2:

    I feel like I'm constantly hearing about both men and women trying to find a loop hole around actually having an honest and enjoyable relationship...

    Sure, you'll get in fights...but if it's all the time, you need to find yourself a new gf. Fuck people who can't see beyond their own selfishness. You have as much say as what goes on in the relationship as she does. Put your foot down, if she flips out SHES NOT WORTH IT.

    If you're not being yourself 100 percent of the time you're going to attract a fucked up person, it's as simple as that.
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