calmag, if i overuse it...

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  1. what could i expect it to look like?
    i'm using my foxfarm nute line in coco at half the potency of what the package says, and im using calmag from botanicare also at half of its recommended tsp/gal. i still have magnesium defficiency showing in some of my plants (specifically the violator kush), so i was going to use a whole tsp. per gallon as opposed to half... if the calmag burns my plants, will it look the same as over-nuting my other plants?

    also would it be worth it for me to do like 3/4 a tsp before switching from a half to a whole?

    thanks in advance, if anyone wants any pics or anything i can show.
  2. I've always used the the 5 ml it says per gal. I've never seen it burn but what I have seen is that too much in late flower will lockout other nutes , cause the cal replaces the k in the coco and builds too toxic levels. so now in late flower I drop too 2ml and add a tsp of epsom salts to boost the mag .

  3. Sounds pretty well spot-on to me, in my (little) experience. I start at 6ml and drop to 2.5ml. The extra Epsom Salts might well be a good idea, too, but I haven't got that far yet.

    To answer the original question a little better, you shouldn't really need to worry if you stick to the recommended dose or less.
  4. Further to what I just said, you can go a bit light-on while they're young, a bit heavier during peak growth and feeding, then drop off to very little toward the end, similar to a typical feeding curve.
  5. okay, i was using less before and all was well, but imma use the 5ml for now since everything is starting to get so much bigger in veg right now.

    thanks guys, that's exactly what i thought, but i was unsure

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