Calling MASS kids.

Discussion in 'General' started by Tarantaya, May 17, 2006.

  1. If theres any kids from massachusetts...PM me or IM me, im from mass and im just looking to see some kids from around here.:bongin:
  2. this is a 18+ years forum
  3. it says hes 19 in his profile...
  4. Ermmm, doesn't that sound a weensy bit creepy?
  5. LMFAO. whoever the pussy was that gave me neg rep without puttin their name... can suck my balls lol.

    I wasnt saying this person is under 18, i was sayin he was callin out "kids" and i was sayin that this is a 18 year or older forum... so who wont find many KIDS.

    you fuckin douche.
  6. Wow, i was just trying to see if there were any kids around my area that blazed around guys need to chill.
  7. Im from Upton mass. Near worcester milford etc
  8. I live near Boston.
  10. i live in mass..... woo :hello: blaze it up 420 is a woman! lol :smoking: sup dan...
  11. im always down to smoke a blunt down by the harbor
  12. im always down to smoke a blunt down by the harbor
  13. South Sho Reppin right hurrre
  14. i represent the hop-town. were like 4 miles apart lol
  15. I call my buddies kids, doesnt mean anything just another name for a friend.

    Im near Lowell and Chelmsford.
  16. im around the new bedford area
  17. im from around the andover area
  18. Ill be right near you this fall. Goin to umass dartmouth,
  19. u from hopkinton?? upton is rite next to hopkinton...bout 40min or so to Boston from the Pike

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