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  1. Ya. I am vegetarian. and it is pretty annoying when people constantly ask why you dont eat meat and then continue to argue with you about it. You eat meat, congrats. Leave me alone, according to my doctor I am healthy as ever so dont go telling me being vegetarian is unhealthy. I get enough iron. =]
  2. the reason people perceive it as argumentative is that the whole concept of vegetarianism seems pretentious as hell to a non vegetarian. they, and myself to a degree, cant wrap their heads around why you would possibly not want to eat meat besides the fact that its 'elitist' in a way.
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    ^so just because you don't understand something you have to argue it?

    they just don't want to eat meat. reasons as to why all differ, and you don't have to understand it.
    it is what it is. just leave it alone. why the fuck does it even matter?

    and no, it is not 'elitist.'

    i don't like meat, and the idea of eating an animal when i do not need to just doesn't make sense to me... therefore, i do not.
    why is that so difficult to wrap your head around?

    actually, the better question is: why do you need to wrap your head around it -- what's it to you?
  4. I couldn't care less what someone's diet is and am more then happy to ignore the vegetarian/vegan community, but then I rarely have that luxury. Why does the vegan movement feel so compelled to force their silly ideologies upon everyone else? Do you know how ironic it is that you are all so happy to condemn this stupid drug war, but go start your own war against everything from pets to meat to science to civil rights to everything else that somehow doesn't fit with your ideals?

    Lastly, I was once cursed at by someone wearing a "Meat is murder" shirt for buying bananas, can someone explain that to me?
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    im just giving you a straight answer. some people dont get vegetarianism so to them its just mad pretentious hence the antagonistic response.

    edit- and yes what the poster above me said is quite true.

  6. im against war, so you should stop generalizing, it makes you sound foolish.

    no, i cant explain why someone at the store cursed at you, sorry these things happen...


  7. oh, yes.. that 'you' was just meant as a general you -- not you specifically.
    and not all vegetarians are like that poster described.

    i'm against people shoving their beliefs down other people's throats, vegetarians included.
    but isn't arguing vegetarianism the same exact thing?
    those are your (again, general your) beliefs, and clearly if people chose to become vegetarian they have different beliefs than you.
    and by arguing or being against vegetarian, you are no better than the vegetarians that bash others for eating meat.

    why can't we all just get along? :p
  8. Yeah man morning star corndogs are the shit. So are spinach and artichoke veggie bites.

  9. Yes this is true, but Lions don't raise millions of antelopes and pump their bodies full of steroids and then slaughter them do they? No they kill only when they are hungry and they also do not have to cook and season their meat because lions are carnivores. Bottom line, I don't think it should even be legal to own or operate a slaughterhouse, but meat eaters do have the right to eat meat, just I don't think it should be on such a large scale of slaughter.

    I do think it's dumb that being a vegan/vegetarian is considered a revolutionary thing. If anyone has listened to Immortal Technique's Beef and Broccoli he says a lot of good things in that song; such as it being a dietary choice and having nothing to do with revolutionary ideals.

    Furthermore, I'm done ranting y'all.

  10. I agree with this sentiment 100%. I really don't see what the big deal is. I NEVER EVER bug a meat eater about what they're eating. Hell my wife isn't a vegetarian, and yes, she's anemic (but then she was anemic before I started doing most of the cooking). I actually encourage her to eat beef and chicken so that she can get iron.

    I'm just not going to cook it for her.
  11. I'm in highschool, I have been a vegetarian for a year, its really not that hard after those first couple months. I still eat eggs and drink milk, but I wont buy leather products or eat gellitin or fish etc.
  12. Heres the bottom line. Animals eat animals to survive. They eat what they need.
    Humans eat animals for pleasure. We do not need to eat animals to survive.
    We have evolved in such a way that we do not need to eat meat to survive.

    The current system for butchering and selling and eating meat is gluttony.
    Meat is innefficient, and it takes more energy to produce.

  13. good for you!

    when i was in high school all i ate was zebra cakes and shock tarts
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    Thats the most asinine thing I've heard in my ENTIRE life when a meat eater comes at me with "thats why they're there, for us to eat, thats what humans have been doing for thousands of years." or the whole "well plants are living things too!!" Im a vegetarian because I know the difference between right and wrong. I choose to act in representation for those who have NO voice, and CANNOT act.

    Bottom line- meat eaters consuming animals for the sake of their own personal pleasure is the most grandscale socially-accepted, barbaric and greedy act in all of humanity. They negate the fact that they are creatures very much like us in that they feel pain, have families, and are aware of their surroundings and consciousness. I bet if you were a nazi during the 40's, it would be pleasurable for you to shove some jews in the furnace, how is that any different? :rolleyes:

    Meat is murder. Given the advancements of the modern world post-20th century none of you can sit here and tell me all the bloodshed isn't along the lines of genocide. Worse than meat eaters who blatantly ignore where those delicious body parts come from are these Hanchos with swollen testicles who embrace it. They go around with the sole intent on harming our MORALLY CONSCIOUS decision. And at what ends????? Case in point: maddox-

    Nothing pisses me off more than the illegalities of cannibis' use. Thats a trump on personal liberties. When we smoke, we harm nobody INCLUDING ourselves. But aparently its perfectly fine and dandy to chain a baby cow up for a few years so its meat is nice and tender and then slitting its throat and harvesting its ribs as a tender delacasy. This blows my mind.
  15. One thing I notice about people who eat meat is that very few of them have ever / would ever / are psychologically prepared to kill and butcher their own meat, this is especially true for girls but I know a lot of guys that feast on meat like there's no tomorrow who would NEVER be able to bring themselves to kill and butcher an animal.
    I've actually recruited several people to not eating meat and several vegetarians to my school of thought which is that 'if you want to eat it, you kill it' because if you're going to take somethings life you have to really know the cost for you to have a burger on your plate, in this graceless modern world we live in people are far too removed from the fact that it's an actual animal you're eating and not just a piece of 'meat'.
  16. word.

  17. you abuse the comma hehe, my writing teacher would rip you to shreds. :p

    i like vegetarian food, i enjoy broccoli tempura and vegetarian sushi a whole whole lot
    i am currently trying to only eat raw food for 30 days, its not a lifetime thing for me because unfortunately i like in and out burger, but if i do this body detox maybe i will find these foods less tastey
  18. I was wondering what other vegetarians do when there isnt any healthy food readily available, say your travelling or something of the sort. Would it be beneficial to have a meal replacement drink, instead of junk food?
  19. im kind of a half-ass vegetarian

  20. Ok I can see your points on eating a killing animals....Not for me personally I be a omnivore,But I do like em with veggies....
    So if its a moral and spiritual choice,and offends you to see animals slaughtered......please tell me you dont have a leather couch and wear only vegan or "vegatarian" clothing.Or does this not count?It should if its a moral objection over killing living things....But hey I object to killing a lot of plants myself and the genitic engeneering of the same.I dont want a tomatoe thats got fish genes in it just so it ships better or corn with a gene from bacteria so its toxic to worms.....Hmmm toxic to insects but not humans how does that happen.Now a glow in the dark oak tree with a biolumenesent gene so we can turn off all the street lights in the summer wow.Or lawn grass.Not fanatic about it if its not food.

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