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  1. Hey so yea I'm a vegetarian, and I was wondering how many other veges we got on grasscity? I've never seen or heard any talk about it, so yea let's get the Vegetarian Thread started, post your favorite tofu recipes or stuff like that I don' know, just how many of you blades are vegetarians?

    Of course, the vegans are more than welcome, because seriously, I know that going the extra step to vegan wouldn't be incredibly hard, I just like am baffled at how you guys do it. I would like to try and fully commit to not eating any animal products whatsoever one day.

    And if your one of those people who think that being vegetarian is a pussy thing to do or unmanly you don't need to voice your opinion, because I respect that you eat meat; so at least have the decency to respect my and others choices.

    Morningstar Corndogs!! Mmmmmmmm, my favorite boxed vege product!


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  2. i'm a vegtarian. :)
    i think meatless chicken strips are my favourite vegetarian product.
    they're good for wraps, stir-fry, on pizza.. so many things.
  3. i thought it said vagatarian...

    Ill be leaving naow :wave:
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    ive been vegan for a year and 2 months.

    i dont eat tofu, bc thats soy, and i dont eat soy. i eat a lot of shit though. a lot of my calories come from organic pastas and beans, but my diet is pretty heavily plant based.

    i eat tons of fruits vegetables that i never had growing up on school cafeteria food and fast food..

    veganism is easy, you just have to be more careful. a lot of organic foods contain milk, or were processed on equipiment that used eggs or something. not cool. btw i quit dairy before i quit meat and my lifelong allergies that used to just kill me every fucking day went away. a lot of ppl are allergic to dairy and dont know it.

    my rules are no animal products and no processed foods. this also means no fake meats. no enriched flour or any of the other bullshit ingredients you find in just about everything these days. and most of the time i get organic, which means no pesticides were used, bc that just makes sense to me.

    its easy though. i just went up to the store and got some organic graham crackers and my favorite organic peanut butter and made some vegan firecrackers with about an oz of vapor trash. ate about half the batch and i think im a lil messed up.
  5. I am vegetarian, I still eat most dairy products. But my uncle has a dairy farm close by, and is an ethical farmer. So i get all the stuff from him. I dont like eating soy products that look and kinda taste like meat. So my fav is lentil mixes for different dishes and falafel..
  6. i love lentils. ill throw a bunch of peas(still in the pods) , fresh green beans, brussel sprouts, into a pot and steam that shit. good eatn.

    as for ethical farming, i think its a lot better than factory farming, where they have the cows drugged up and producing ten times what they would in nature. but i just dont see why i should be drinking cows milk as a human being. milk by definition is to feed ones young, provide it with the necessary nutrients to develop into an adult. nowhere in nature do adults drink milk except here.

    organic milk from humane farmers is much better for you than the shit at walmart. that shit is what gives people cancer.
  7. Soy isn't as healthy for you as you'd think, atleast for men, high levels of Estrogen.
  8. veg heads ftw :D

    i also dont eat much dairy but mainly cause i like soy milk better than regular milk

  9. this is what i want to do someday!
    probably not until i'm out on my own and settled in life, though.
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    i was a vegetarian for 4 years until about a year ago i became a pescetarian (eats fish ). But i dont eat any other meats, and i am lactose intolerant.
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    i could never have done it living under my parents.. now that i do my own shopping and provide the money with which to do it, being vegans easy. not convenienet though. i always have to bring food with me, plan ahead extensivley. and i dont fuck with vending machines or convenience stores. everything accessible is not even considered food by me anymore, so my only choice is pretty much the grocery store.

  12. Yea see I'm 18 and in high school, so living at home and being a vegan would be like impossible because I don't do all of my food shopping, but some of it.
  13. morning star soy crumbles


    Red robbins garden burger

  14. that burger does look tasty. and it wont sit in your colon for 3 days like a beefy hamburger will.
  15. What's the point of being a vegetarian?
  16. To Not eat meat?
  17. I know but why? vegetarians are so anal imo
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    what's the point of eating meat?

    my point of not eating meat is simply: i can survive without it.
    and the idea of eating another living creature is not appealing to me whatsoever, so if i do not need to, then why would i?

  19. I eat meat because it tastes good, plain and simple. And eating meat is natural, most animals do it.

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