calling all potheads;post pics of you blazing through different devices :P

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  1. Hey all weed smokers,
    I thought i'd start a new thread where everybody can post pictures of them blazing with diff devices like joints, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, homemade devices, etc. Basically anything you can find to blaze with hahahaha...
    this is me blazing out of my vaporizer :D
    and again
    hope everybody else participates :D
  2. even though this belongs in the Toking Tools section, i'll participate. I'm bored lol



    and a vid of my Fathead which broke, but should be back @ my local shop today :D

  3. awesome :D wow that bong looks fucking amazing, the video was amazing also you took such a huge toke :)...ahh i want your bong!
  4. why thank you :) you can hit it but you can't have it! lol
  5. how much does something like that cost?
  6. in your first picture there is a weird ghostly face looking out of your hair :eek::eek: had me fixed on tht picture for a good wile.
  7. haha i see it too
  8. lol weird i never noticed that

    the tube itself costed around a grand, and with that ashcatcher/trashcatcher it was a little over a grand. The one in the video was about 700 bucks

    (no i'm not rich, i just got about 5 grand back from taxes this year & had to celebrate somehow lol)
  9. hmmmmmmmm Illllll post up toooo!

    [ame=]YouTube - Optimus Prime - 420 Session[/ame]

    This video is a few months old, Ill Make a new one when I get some more bud.
  10. haha wow insanely expensive! but very nice device
  11. HUGE BONG WOW, that's a two man job! haha what song is playin in the background, sounds like dubstep, loving the beat, wanting to dl it now?
  12. damn dude that's a sick ass piece! Idk where i'd trust puttin that bitch though where i wouldn't constantly think about it tipping over lol
  13. "slengtengdub" is the song name.

    It's a 2 piece bong. and i have cases for it. I actually travel with it alot lol - I love going to people's houses and smoking.. cause people say they can clear it.. but in reality no body realizes how big this thing actually is, untill you hit it. lol

    For the average stoner, this bong is wayyyyyy tomuch, but for me and my friends. it's a normal peice to smoke out of lol.
  14. haha well i'm not an average stoner though,i've been blazing daily multiple times a day since i was like now it has been like almost 7 yrs for me.. i could prob hit it up, i wouldn't be able to clear it all cuz the bong looks taller than me tho hahahahahah
  15. Here people,me.I hadnt shaved in two weeks,so yeah,that.Anyways,I shaved so I might take a rip from my Ehle with the Ehle diffy in and the INline AC I got.

    This picture was me smoking a blunt,it was an Afghan cross my friend is working on.I was fucking blazed!Okay this is making me mad,UPLOAD YOU DAMA PICTURE.

    Fuck,I woulda posted a picture but already had it in my pick up thread.Go to my "Mandalasmokers pick up thread" and you'll see it.I gotta take another for this thread soon.
  16. sounds good i'll check it out, try uploadin a new one here too :D

  17. your more then welcome to come smoke! lol :)

    I've been smoking 1.5yrs :s
  18. lol nice man. Good thing to have a case for it for sure.

    i know what you mean too. People think they can handle it & end up hackin up a lung cuz they couldn't handle it. My friend has a pretty big tube too & alot of people underestimate it. Here's me hitting it:

  19. haha if you live in ontario haha maybe
  20. Just for future reference, everyone on this forum is a pothead. You don't have to "call" all of us, thats why were already here :smoking:

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