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CALLING all offf,s and yfff,s

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. :D
    he's baaaack!
  2. feel the LOVE

  3. ALl you need is love doot doot doot doot do.
    Critter I'm here man, right here right now real stoned.
  4. i'll smoke to that, glad to see you round again critter
  5. whats offf and yfff?
  6. Hey critter

    when does yfff[young fried fart or fartette]become offf?[old fried fart or fartette]

  7. I'm here...but I gotta go listen to my friends band play. I'll be back though!!!!! Everybody had better check-in...and\ overload of PM's is a bitch sometimes...and Critter is serious about PMing you. Trust me!!! :) :) :)
  8. LOL im here man..
    here and always!!!

    luv yas!!!
  9. I'm here for now my Aussie friend..

    I'm definatly an offff too!!

    The age and the responcability!!
  10. Well I don' live with mom anymore but don't have much responsibility, i smoke weed and bike ride all day, but either way i'll smoke a bowl for ya mate.

    *TooSicks wonders when he'll see backwards toilet water pics*

  11. lil POOOOBAHHH!!
  12. I guess I'm a yfff.:)
  13. I'm here.

    I really wish I had something funny to say right about now....
  14. the YFFF Bud Taste Tester is present and accounted for... well, sorta. i held the weedinator the wrong way and shot myself again. so i'm here... but my mind is far away :D it said it'll come back in a few hours though, LOL.

    ::does the weird critter stick figure dance to bring the vibe back::

    oh yeah... break it down
  15. :p

    Attached Files:

  16. OH GOD!!

    have you ever seen this site?

    *************** -REQUIRED STONED VIEWING- ****************
    ------------- ----------------

    Edit: the link is not working!!! nooooo!
  17. here and accounted what happens when you pay all your own bills and don't have any kids? out.....Sid

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