Calling all HHO heads.

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  1. In the process of building a small scale, portable, dry cell hho mini torch. This will mostly be used to heat up my Ti nail for dabbing and other small projects I usually use my map gas torch for.

    It'll be 12 volt so I can use it at home on the couch with a plug in, or on the go with any 12v power source.

    Anyone else on here played with HHO? And no, I quite honestly don't care about putting one on any of my vehicles.
  2. Even though you're not looking for car units, I built them for bout a year and a half and helped design them. This was a couple years ago and I didn't get too technical with whats what, but I could see what memories job back.. I do enjoy a good hydrogen flame, cut through pretty much anything. With 12 volts, you'll probably only need 7-8 plates. When you say sitting on the couch with a plug in, you don't mean plugging it into your wall do you? AC power is typically no good for home HHO generators.
  3. I have a radio shack inverter that produces 13.8 volts @ 3.0 amps. My design is 7) 3.5" x 3.5" plates. +nnnnn- is what I was thinking.
  4. Sounds like you're good to go. We started designing and building torches too, but I left not long after. The 110 plate one we made was badass.. kind of makes me want to have one right now so I can play around. I made a soda bottle rocket out of boredom one day, that was fun. The first time, the force shooting it up ripped it's wings off. Second time worked perfect, but with just a 1 liter soda bottle's worth of HHO will only shoot up 25-30 feet. You can have a lot of fun with HHO.
  5. I love water

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