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Calling All Georgian/South Cackilackians

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Sup Blades

    Wanted to see if any of yall wanted to plan a little day trip to Six Flags.

    We could all pitch in and get a cheap hotel room, smoke the fuck out. . .

    goto six flags and have a blast.

    let me know what yall think. . .
  2. Oh shit i know some people who'd be down for that (including me). The heat might suck. But if we blaze enough it should be good shit.
  3. Sure did. Sounds kick ass.
  4. be careful meeting up w/ people. even on the city.
    dont wanna wind up on dateline
  5. Haha, Sixflags is always packed with law inforcement. If I get the cash ill buy my own room an see you potheads in the park.
  6. shit i'd be down but i don't think i'll be able to go due to lack of funding. Enjoy the trip and enjoy getting high.
  7. hmm...good idea...hmmm
  8. sixflags is like 15 minutes away from where i live.. went last week.. good fun.. to damn hot though..

    yeah and the new coaster rocks...
  9. Well Shite guys.

    Enough talkin about how close we are to the freakin park. :eek:

    Let's plan something.

    We have to keep in mind a couple of things.

    1 You have to be tall enough to ride the rides.

    2 You should be at least 18 or real close to it

    3 A ride would be good to have as well

    Since nobody else has thrown out a date why not on the 20th 2 weeks from tomorrow.

    i guess the consensus would be to get high while you drive there.

    We could meet up somewhere in downtown ATL like around 10:30 ish.

    head to the park and have fun.

    Leave get high while we drive and go to a restaurant or something.
  10. This idea sounds incredible. I live in Decatur (real close to downtown ATL), but damn my funds are just gone right now. This is what I like to see though! Folks on the city getting together IRL to blaze and just have fun. Enjoy it!
  11. the 20th...on a Tuesday??
  12. Hey, if you're going to Six Flags Over Georgia, then let me tell you right now - if you don't go on a Monday or Tuesday or some shit, then you will shrivel up and die before you get to ride SHIT. If you go there on a weekend, you're just done for.
  13. I think 2 weeks is ample time to try and get that day off.

    anybody think they can make it?

    Even if everyone is broke and can't afford six flags, let's just meet up downtown

    and walk around ATL. grab a bite to eat and fellowship about MJ.
  14. Haha bake,eat,chill now THAT is a plan.
  15. ya a funny guy...I was tryin to think what day was the 20th on w/o lookin at my calendar
  16. Not really into the six flags thing...anyone near greenville???
  17. yeah the 20th is good ...we should definately meet up then

    like decatur said, if you go on the weekend you are done, gotta wait like 2 hours for each ride... i went on a monday and i didn't have to wait more than 15-30 minutes for each ride which on the weekends would be a 2 hour wait time...

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