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  1. I am hydroing 6 ww, and 3 unknowns, 4 of which are 8" tall and 5 babies, the big ones are very compact and bushy, cant hardly see their stalks, i want to flower all at the same time, so in order to let the babies catch up alittle in height , i topped the big ones, they werent getting any lite at the bottoms, now hopefully they will bush outward then back up again and give the bottoms more light. I had been over watering, so this time of feeding i let them dry out to almost a wilt, think they will perk up instead of drooping? i have seen many pics of perky plants !

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  2. Looks great! Yes... they should perk up in just a bit. :)

    They are all females... Yes??
  3. suppose to be females but donno yet!
  4. Have you checked the roots?
  5. yeah they are abundant, in the bottoms of the rockwool. why you ask???
  6. Spray paint a small paper sack black so it doesn't allow light in.

    Put if over a tiny lower branch later on for 12 hours a day for a few weeks.

    The tip of that branch will start to flower without affecting the rest of the plant.

    Males usually show their flowers before females do.
  7. They look over fertalized that's why the leaves are curling. Remember when it comes to nutrients less is more
  8. How are they supposed to be females if you have 3 unknown? Are the from clone or seed? And I would just stick with purified water only for a little while, probably water a little less often. What kind of light are you using for this setup?
  9. got 10 w.widow seeds, (all r from seed) , 20 free- not sure if they r ww or not, but the ww were suppose to be feminized. 400 hps, just measured the lighting distance, it was barely 24" above, moved it bak up to 36", one of the big ones looks to have a bit of zink def. will lower ph at next feeding to 5.5 instead of 6 to see if that helps. looked at abuse chart, veins green, but yellowing in between, and very textured. Hope it wont last long, they say it could have long term affect, definitely dont want to harm my babies.:wave::smoking:

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