Calling all Day Z survivors

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  1. I just Google'd "Day Z" and could not find any immediate info on this game. What's the official site URL?
  2. I'm going to buy this game just because of you lol
  3. Here's a video of my favorite dayz player... JACKFRAGS!!!

    [ame=]DayZ Panthers - Hive Heroes Episode Five - YouTube[/ame]

    dayz is a mod for a game called Arma II. The game did so well that a standalone version has been confirmed, but no official date. Word was sometime in December... but it has already past. When I bought the game a couple of months ago I debated waiting for the standalone and all I can say is I didn't regret buying Arma II off of steam for the mod, because this game is fucking DOPE!

    And yes, the video is long, as most Dayz videos are. Just kind of skip around in the video and you'll see some action.

    If you want to check out another player who is for the most part cool, but is a hacker, is frankieonpcin1080p. He's got a lot of videos on youtube but I didn't post one of his because of the hacking claims (which I believe are true)

    I'll be getting on in a bit. My steam name is Running_Naked. Looking to get back into Chernarus, so if you want to play send me a request on steam. Don't bother if you don't have a mic though, because playing this game with someone who doesn't have a mic is VERY hard.
  4. Also, just to show how fuckin funny jackfrags is:

    [ame=]DayZ Call me Maybe - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Have downloaded arma 2 and have dayz installed.

    Steam name is incredi_bowl.
  6. Im downloading Arma 2 on steam right now. Going to get the Day Z mod right after. Ive been wanting to try this game out for a while it looks like a lot of fun. My steam name is Landeye

  7. Adding you today! :D

  8. Adding you today! :D
  9. I heard DayZ standalone is supposed to be coming out soon, so that's pretty cool :D
  10. What exactly is Day Z? and is the game arma II fun alone without the mod?
  11. arma 2 is a very realistic military simulator... like you need food and drink to stay alive and you creep around the map for hours at a time

    it had a pretty cult audience until dayz came out... not really for the faint of heart

  12. Day Z is a mod for Arma where you play a survivor in a russian wasteland filled with zombies and other players. These players can either help or hinder you-it's their decision. I'd recommend watching some youtube videos!

    Arma II is alright. I personally don't play it, but I know some who love it.
  13. So is this gunna happen? Im hooked on this game and i signed up on, I'm guessing we probably need more people?
  14. I'm down to play with anybody as long as they shoot me a friend request on steam. Running_Naked i'll play any server any map as long as the times are US times.
  15. I'm down hit me up on steam if u want its SamB The [Rubixcube] [{(420)}]
  16. I just got this, the download has about an hour left, then ill add all the people in this thread.
  17. what do u do in dayz?
  18. you survive...

    but no seriously look up some videos on youtube and they will show you.
  19. So uhh, we ever teaming up or what?:laughing:

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