Calling all Day Z survivors

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  1. Any fellow Day Z players here?

    I just started a few days ago and I'm hooked. However, I quickly realized that flying solo won't get you very far in a zombie/bandit infested world, and as my last character was shot to death trying to loot a hospital I had a great idea... How badass would it be to roll with a posse of fellow Blades?:cool:

    So what servers do you guys play on? What's your names? I currently play on a server called Survival Union, and my name is Buddha.

    Also, if you don't know what Day Z is, I'd recommend looking it up. It's pretty great. Plus Arma: Combined Operations is pretty cheap on Steam right now. :D
  2. I've been playing on the Panthera map. Me and a buddy have a camp set up on a Chernarus server but it's currently down ATM. Do you have a head set?
  3. Haven't played on any maps besides chernarus, would be down though if there was a group, i could probably get us a ventrilo server or skype works i guess
  4. yo thats a good idea we can be like a gang of hardcore stoners! Im totally down for it, only thing is my mic is broken
  5. When i get my pc working again I'm down to play.
  6. Awesome! I totally bought Arma CO off the steam holiday sale (also got Assassin's Creed 1&2 for $8). After I get it modded and have player info I'd love to get in on some DayZ - blades style.

  7. I sure do!
  8. Awesome to hear that all you guys play as well! I currently have not played any maps besides Chernarus, but I'll get into others soon. I have a Skype and a Ventrilo (just not my own server) if you guys are down to talk while we play. I suppose our first step should be choosing a server for us all to meet up on. What do you guys think? I'm particularly fond of mine because the players are friendly, and we have a medical team that flies around in a chopper delivering blood/bandages/food. However I'd be more than willing to come to yours.
  9. Hey guys! I've got some pretty cool news. I've talked to the admins on my server and they agree that they would love to see factions and such active on the server. If we can get at least 5 people together and stay active for more than 48 hours, the Admins have agreed to give us
    1. A Ural for transportation
    2. Tents
    3. Lots of necessary loot in the Ural
    Lets get this thing rollin' guys!
  10. I'm so fucking down!
    I always play this shit alone, it'd be so dope to finally have some people to rely on:smoke:

  11. how often do they restart the server?
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    We just moved to a new server, so restarts are fairly often.

    Also, unrelated to this reply:
    The admins have also offered to patch us in a small military base with a helipad. However the base would be our responsibility, and if we left it unattended its up for grabs.

    EDIT: Here's an example of the base we would receive.

    EDIT AGAIN: I'd also like to mention that we aren't the only faction the Server is supporting. The founder is offering these incentives to any faction who passes the qualifications.
  13. In the process of building my new pc, will definitely join you guys once it's set up.
  14. I'd be down... what is the name of the server so I can start gearing up?
  15. I'm down for this. I also usually play alone so this will be good!! :)
  16. The server is called Survival Union. You have to go to their forum at (am i allowed to say that?) and make an account. Then I can PM you guys the server password. Shoot me a PM if you want the info.
  17. Woooooord, I'll definitely be needing some info on this shit:smoke:
  18. I made a thread on the survivalunion website
  19. ok uhm not to hijack or anything but ive been in contact with people over there and they said they never even heard of the grasscity
    so not sure if you called it something else or whatever but he said he will get us a base as lonng as we have a lot of members! so go join their forums guys!!! :)
  20. Haha well I haven't created it yet! I need a decent number of people first before we can have it approved and good to go.

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