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    If you've actually smoke cannabis, you'd be insane not to want full legalization. Follow these simple instructions, then post this picture to your friends with the two links below it:

    Register To Vote
    (^ required for petition AND when it's November 2014 and it's time to legalized)
    ------------------------------------- Read below if you don't really know why or care about full legalization
    There are SO MANY BENEFITS that we are missing out on. The term "cali's almost legal" applies to the availability of bud, but in reality, we're very, very far from being legal. Full legalization is something else entirely:
    Hemp Aspect: BEST PAPER, SUPERIOR Clothing, Fiber, Food, Nutrition, Building/Housing, Natural Plastics (NO OIL!!!), Fuel (best green fuel there is) Chemical Cleanup, Cordage (part of the reason why cannabis hemp was legal in ww2), Weed Control, and much, much more.
    Recreational Aspect: The recreational sector will multiply!!! No more shitty dispensaries closing down. MANY MORE STRAINS will be available and WITH THIS PROP, there's only a 10% TAX, so we won't be screwed like Colorado is right now with a 29% tax.
    YOUR EMPLOYER CAN NO LONGER TEST YOU FOR CANNABIS!!! It will be fully legal to smoke and fully illegal to test for cannabis in your system. COME ON STONERS!!!
    Medical Aspect: People who actually need the medical products (cannabis oil) will actually be able to get it from a sustainable source, not some dispensary that closes down from the feddies every few months; even Obama considers full legalization an experiment. DOCTORS will be able to not only recommend but can tell their patients where to get it. Many people such as senior citizens can get a rec but never get to a dispensary because they're always closing down, hard to find, and as we all know, a majority of them are sketchy as best.
    10, 20, or 30 years from now, when you're sitting reminiscing about the times when canni was illegal, will you be able to say you were a part of legalization? That you actually did something about it? Or are you gonna let other people do the work- and by work, I mean printing, signing, and sending a piece of paper...
  2. This is one of the few petitions I've seen that actually look like it could work
  3. will do when i can go on the comp
  4. Registering to vote will put you on the Jury Duty list. I know this :)
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    Yep, it truly is an amazing petition, because it was written by "real people". In 2016, the petitions will be written by the wrong people who have so much funding it'll be too easy to get it on the ballot. You just can't beat 10% tax and organic only cannabis, among the many other positive benefits..
    All you do is throw away the letter. They cannot prove that you ever received a Jury Duty letter. They have enough people show up that it's 1 in a million they'll actually try to contact you if you don't show up. Besides, Do you think think the first medical mj program would've passed if everybody let a silly hurdle of jury duty stop them from using their legal right to vote????

    Please. please, Californians, get on this. It's so easy. We're getting close to the end date (mid Feb) and we can make this happen. If this petition makes it to the ballot, it'll pass!!!!!! "The times are a changin"
    If we could put a shit petition on the ballot back in 2010 and lose 46%-54%, imagine how much of a landslide this petition will be... we already have 60% saying yes. IT'S TIME!!!!!

  6. They cant prove i received those jury summons aha ..
  7. I just mark the boxes that say my religion would conflict with my decision in trial. I never get picked.
  8. Haha... well there you go. No reason not to register to vote. Legalize it!
  9. That is until they start sending the summons via registered mail. They started doing this recently.
  10. Fuuuck it .. I like to live my life on the edge
  11. that's the spirit

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