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Calling all bladies and blades!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. I am getting extremely buzzed this fine evening.

    I am doing this for reasons you will have to read below.

    1 because RMJL is still not smoking

    2 because this is the best site in the world

    3 because Smokie lost his one hitter in the shitter

    4 because Critter smokes more than I and I have a lot of catching up to do.

    5 Because I fukin want to!~ Need I say more?
  2. no, not at all...... have fun gettin there too..... :)
  3. well it sounds like you have good reasons, not to mention you have to get into shape for your big party
  4. I appreciate #1 and I love ya for it. I laughed at #3 because I can!!! #5 is the best reason out of them all, though. Enjoy your high, Bud Head!!! Enjoy it for me, too!

  5. Real soon you'll have to join me in "A stoning" by RMJL and Bud Head!

    I do have to get ready for the Dingusus too. I may need to be less tolerant to keep up! LOL
  6. in about 1 hr n a half ima be HIGGGH too!:D
  7. maybe we should set lil canisters at walmart...the okie fund" and buy him a new one :)

  8. Lets just send him the money. He's a great guy. He could use the money more than another pipe. He's got him a neat lil' glass thing that works real good for him.

    Yeah, lets send him money.

    Lots of it.
  9. but we wanna buy ya one that you DONT drop inthe toilet :D

    its either a new pipe or nuthin brotha

  10. but don't ya see, it's all about money!

    GAWD! I should'nt have drank that frappicino! I turning yuppie! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

    If y'all deliver it in person, then I'll let ya get me a new pipe, and I won't even take it in the bathroom!
  11. oh i see $$$.....
    do you have any idea the how many blades'd drop ya some green?
    shhhh, just tell em ya bought a new pipe :D

  12. then build yourself a new smoking room :)
  13. *looks at the topic*

    have fun budhead :)
  14. He musta got stoned and fell asleep. He's not here. Or there would be leghound all over the place!

    So are you and me racing again?

    I'm over 900.

    But I can see nothing but a cloud of dust in front of me.
  15. i shall race you nevermore ma darlin'.....
    *sits and waits for pokie*
    thats not dust hun its smoke, an ya better hurry up ;)

  16. Feel asleep my ass. I had to spend a little time out side for the experiment. Read this thread!

    How about that Highya? Is she a fox or what? She looks good even from here!

  17. im wondering who's higher me or you?

  18. They used to call it cloud 9. Today i think i'll change it to outter space!
  19. budheads/own/
  20. OH SHIT! don't click on that anybody!

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