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Calling all ADHD toker's

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by blitzedatschool, May 17, 2010.

  1. Yo so I have ADHD and anxiety issues and I was wondering if anyone else who has these issues feels that when they are baked they are "normal" and they don't perceive things the way they do when they're sober and when they are sober they have different perceptions on people's actions and what not?
  2. i don't have ADHD but i know people that do and smoke weed and works wonders for them
  3. i have adhd but when i smoke it either makes me sleepy, really laughy, or makes me really agressive
  4. i have ADD not ADHD, and smoking weed does wonders for me. concentrations, perception, everything.
  5. i have ADHD and smoking works wonders for me, but has 2 be sativa dominent, i went 2 college everyday high, i can focus alot more and learn things alot faster, i do things when high ive never been able 2 do in my life, like freestyle, ive never been able 2 do that, i got high 2 nights ago or something and i was freestyling pretty damn good:smoking:
  6. It truly depends on how much I smoke.

    If I take just a hit or two (no more than that), it does work wonders. It literally un-bottlenecks my thought process - it helps facilitate my thoughts so much.

    If I take any more that that, I just get really blazed and don't want to do much.

    1-2 hits is key for me.
  7. i suppliment weed for my Vyvanse prescription. the meds make me grind my teeth and very edgy and heart racing. while thats fun sometimes, weed levels me out and helps me focus much better. i take 2 hits and im good to go..
  8. If you're asking whether it's ok to self-medicate with cannabis, definitely. Adderall works better for ADHD but there's no reason why you can't do both. :)

    Edit: @itbeatsdointhat, there is no ADD. If you have "something" it's ADHD.

  9. Exactly, when i get a "little hiiiigh", yes a Towlie reference, I feel like my thoughts are collected, and my mind works at the same fast pace it normally does, but my thoughts are organized, and my imagination goes insane. Beyond that state, I just chill hard.
  10. While I am not challenging whether or not any of you have ADHD, its is horribly over diagnosed. If you look at the symptoms in the DSM IV I say many of them are just part of growing up. Doctors and teachers are so quick to say your kid needs to be medicated. I myself was misdiagnosed with it, and my parents decided to take me off the "meth" (Aderall is almost identical to meth in chemical structure) and turns out I dont have it. I wonder what school teachers did to problem children before they could drug them up...
  11. Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but I know for a fact that I have it. I'm 30, and it was diagnosed to me at 4. I'm not as hyperactive as I used to be, but as for as everything else, I am a poster boy for it.
  12. I hated all the medication they tried to put me on. I'm in the same line with some of the other posters here I guess.

    Indicas help me with the physical symptoms, mine manifest with not being able to sit still (didn't just happen when I was a kid, I'm 21 now and I still can't sit down on a couch for more than 15 minutes without having to walk around). Unfortunately indicas don't help my focus at all, which makes them pretty much useless unless I'm just sitting at home.

    Sativas help more overall. Seems like they calm my mind down, which ends up calming my body as well.
  13. I have been on all the stimulants and let me just say the side afects are terrible! for me a little green (emphsis on LITTLE) works far better. I have talked to my doctor about it and she said it does help treat add/adhd, but she wouldent give me a scrip:confused:
  14. i have to stay off medication because the drugs they gave fucked with my heart and insides
    so i have to deal with my adhd
    and i keep getting introuble in school because i cant focus in class and i always do something stupid and obnoxious
    adhd has been fucking up my life since i was 3
  15. Same here bro.
  16. when i get that perfect level of high.. i can focus on something like never before. it's especially noticeable when im playing skill video games and suddenly it gets soo easy.

    i've been on an off adderall as im finishing up college (plan on stopping use completely after), i dont know what id do without pot to bring me back down and able to sleep at night. i was diagnosed adhd, but it seems to me it's hugely misdiagnosed and misunderstood. everyone has trouble concentrating, it's just to what level each individual has it. people say "i have trouble doing boring school work" and the pharms make a shitload of money off them. kinda messed up to sell legal crack instead of working more on the actual cause of the symptoms. that said, there are people who need meds to function and that's understandable.
  17. my best friend has really bad adhd and he doesnt like to take the meds he has, and weed works AMAZING for him. Its a night and day difference.

  18. No i definatly have ADHD i have had tons of tests done since i was in 3rd grade and they all point towards adhd

  19. yeah, well, thats not what the 1000s of dollars in testing says....
  20. i think what he was referring to is that recently they've done away with the distinction between the two and now blanket diagnose it all as "adhd"

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