Calling all 6 footers!

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  1. So I've had a 6 footer for about 3 years now and love the thing to death. Its technically 5' 10" or some shit, made out acrylic. Don't jump on me for this though cause it is the only acrylic piece I will willingly own. Its done very nicely with a clear tube with about a 2" diameter. The best part about it is that its entirely self serve! The only problem being is that its a total bitch to clean out the female piece. Amazingly I've gotten it cleaned out when it was to the point of almost no return. I also was able to make it a diffuser at the bottom for an even more smooth and clean hit!
    I love the thing to death, and was wondering if many other people have gotten a 6 footer and love it as much as i do?

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  2. Just as a side note, I apologize for not getting the picture to a better size. Also the bongs name is "The Dominator."
  3. Holy wow, i've never hit one that big. :D
    Two people operation?
  4. Nope, I was sayin that in the description. One of its best features is you can do it home alone, or watch your buddies cough their lungs out and catch the bong before they drop it.
  5. How do you light it... Lmao. Way too far away, my arms only reach a few feet, and I have long arms.
  6. Is anybody even reading the description or looking at the pic?!? :confused: ITS SELF SERVE! :devious:
  7. a friend of mine has a 6 foot plastic bong he bought at a shop for 60 bucks, takes me like 3-4 hits to clear it and it rips haha need someone else to light it for you though
  8. to every one saying he needs mad reach, you cvan clearly see that he has a very long downstem, check his hands, he is holding the slide in the picture
  9. Yes, people read, but your description and picture were both poor so it's not very clear how it works.

  10. this.
  11. gives new meaning to "hide the bong"
  12. i made this to explain for OP haha. its not that hard. even with the bad explaination haha

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  13. sky glass, (havent seen one in awhile) they got 4 ft- 6ft self serve jerome baker style hand made glass bongs, they are super ill. venice beach for only 100 bucks too...
  14. That bong would be fucking awesome to get messed up with. Props to op and others with one lol.
  15. hah never really seen a bong that big, would like to give it a try for fun, a milk shot would be awesome.
  16. I don't see how you fail to understand what "self serve" means, and how hard is it to see in the picture that the female piece goes all the way down? I mean shit peeps its a clear bong and a clear description.

    I have a milk video that I'd like to post but I am unable to at this time. Idk what the problem is but I'll keep trying.
  17. posting videos is simple, just cut and paste the link the forums software automatically converts it
  18. Yeah my friend has a 6 foot bong like that. They're pretty fun to hit and will really fuck you up. Personally I'd prefer a 5 gallon gbong though :smoke:
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    I used to have a sparkletts bottle grav bong back in highschool for party's haha... was used in the pool.. fuck that thing.. :smoking: My everyday pieces are a real small oil dome hash pipe and a small 8 inch bong for ti/bell's. The rest are literally all collecting dust, but I have a feeling my pre raid Jerome baker designs that had an accident and is being repaired + converted to GonG after all these years will be my main man again. )
  20. wow, i can't even begin to imagine how to hide that thing once someone comes a knockin'.

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