Called the cops on a stupid bitch today.

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    Well I didn't really "call" them, but you'll see.

    So I'm a pizza delivery driver. Not for Papa John's cause fuck them. I got to the house that I was supposed to be at and walked to the door and did what I do for every delivery. I set the hotbag on the ground, take the pizza out, then set it on top of the hotbag while I wait for the people to answer the door. I noticed a cute ass little puppy under a chair on the porch. I started petting it while waiting for them to answer.

    Finally some 5 year old little girl opens the door and in the house were at least 10 other kids that weren't even 6 years old. The "mother", or 21 year old white trash bitch is in the kitchen and sees that the pizza is on the ground on top of the hot bag and freaks the fuck out. She's screaming "WHY THE FUCK IS THE PIZZA ON THE GROUND!" The little 5 year old bitch that answered the door starts hitting the puppy. Then the 21 year old bitch comes out and kicks the puppy away from the pizza. The puppy wasn't even trying to get to the pizza, it was just beside it. The 21 year old bitch also has a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Not really good with a house full of toddlers. She keeps yelling what the fuck are you doing leaving the pizza on the ground and all that shit so I took her money and was just like HAVE A GOOD NIGHT HAVE A GOOD NIGHT, just to be loud and cut her off. she says "I'm calling the store" as I get in my car to leave.

    Nothing pisses me off more than animal abuse. So I waited about an hour thinking if I should call the cops or not. They probably wouldn't do shit anyway. I went on another deilvery and as I was going back to the store I was gonna stop at a near by gas station hoping there would be a cop. I get to the gas station and a cop magically happened to be there so I flagged him down and told him about the white trash bitch. I told him the address and left. Fuck that bitch man.

    Edit - I called the sherrifs department earlier and made a report just in case that cop never did anything. They asked for my work address and my home address so I guess they're gonna show up and talk to me about it. Hope I'm not smoking when they come :S
  2. I think its good what you did. i feel strongly for animals too, but i wouldnt have even thought about what to do sadly. and those poor kidss
  3. ive called the police on how my neighbors treat their dog and now they aren't allowed to own pets anymore :)
  4. Thats good bro animal abuse is bad
  5. Respect animal abuse is the worst
  6. Thats why I think I'd make a shitty pizza delivery guy. I'd probably beat some ass.
  7. [quote name='"WhereRDaCookies"']Thats why I think I'd make a shitty pizza delivery guy. I'd probably beat some ass.[/quote]

    If shit like this happened to me, I would more than likely beat some ass HARDCORE SON.
    Would have given them kids a talkin to aswell.
    Unless hostile, then boot-face
  8. Yeah, you see some fucked people when your delivering pizzas, especially if you work in the rougher areas

    I can remember rocking up to one house and having to wake some junkie bitch up who still had a needle sticking out her arm. Had her ~6 yr old kid sitting watching TV just meters away as well. Dunno why it never occured to me to call child services afterwards but it didn't and I never did
  9. man i used to work for papa johns... in a way i kinda loved that job. i would always get there about 15 mins early and stay at least 15 mins late to gain some "Extra" hours" lol

    next i would go on my first run of the day, smoke a bowl or two lol, return to the store, do another run or help out making pizza's cause the manager likes that

    the best part was the that whenever i got the munchies and i had some wings with me i would take one ebcause it was always a random amount and no one would notice lol

    and i got paid for that lol
  10. what i wanna know is why the fuck would a 5 year old have a reason to hit a puppy? they should be hugging it or some shit
  11. Good job man! I fucking hate animal abuse that shit is fucking horrible, you know those SPCA commercials? Try make me cry every time but when I see those little African kid commercials im just like ehh sucks
  12. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']hey stimulated mind fuck junkie cunt. i fucked your dad raw now he has herpes and hes not even your real dad. fuck off with ur shit u shit fuck![/quote]

    WTF!? We should do something about this.
  13. plan to steal that dog no animal abuser should ever own one

  14. Well a 5 year old's gonna take their cues from mommy, so if mommy hits the puppy I see no reason why the kids wouldn't either honestly.

    No such thing as bad kids only bad parents IMO. At least at like age 5, some teenagers are just fucked.:smoke:
  15. Props to you for doing something that may have saved some lives!
  16. ive called the cops on people before. one time i seen some old ass dude, drunk as fuck trying to get in his car. i walked up heard him talking, knew he was drunk called the cops. idk what happened but they showed up and i left lol.

    another time in HS this group of kids was robbing people from some school yard entrance so we called the cops on them and they were ALL arrested lol. apparently they were all holding bud, pills, and alcohol lol. fuck them.

    calling the cops is the best thing to do sometimes...
  17. Miserable white trash skeezer. Good job brotha.
  18. I would have called child services as well
  19. [quote name='"validtoker"']

    If shit like this happened to me, I would more than likely beat some ass HARDCORE SON.
    Would have given them kids a talkin to aswell.
    Unless hostile, then boot-face[/quote]

    Hahah I'm blazed and my thoughts were like
    Target Hostile: Engage Face boot.
    Anyways props OP, they sound like some motherfuckers, and nothing is worse than when people abuse animals, what the fuck are they gonna do back

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