Call the opponents on AB390

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Ras Jaycee, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. CADFY - Contact Us

    There is the contact us, it is owned by the assembly men that are pushing for prohibition.


    please if you want it legal, do not harass, it will only give them more hatred for pot smokers, be kind and educate them, use kind words. Talk about personal freedoms, and personal liberties.
  2. Thats bull that you can't post on their Facebook unless you become a fan, I would totally be lighting up their wall with the FACTs.
  3. A fan from the youtube page..

    "purchaced" "wandering" :p
  4. And this is our competition, I have seen more intelligent people that smoke Marijuana then I have that don't.

    Which in my eye's totally destroys the "Stupid Stoner" stereotype, I mean come on if you have trouble with a word that's why programmers invented spell check, that why if you can't get it that way Google is even able to best match your worst spelling hack.
  5. Well, isn't it obvious. They don't believe in free speech, they want to take every liberty you have, from you.

    It has came to my knowledge, that pro-prohibitionist are un-evolved humans, sub-humans if you will. They are not yet capable of rational thought, let only the ability to type correctly.
  6. IDK why you aren't becoming a fan! Post against they're garbage.
  7. Yeah yeah I sucked it up and did that. :)

    But I still think it's BULL!
  8. Here is what i posted on there facebook wall.


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