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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by kingklick1991, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I recently downloaded the new cod escalation map pack and was wondering who would be up for some zombies on the new map call of the dead? If so my gamertag is kmk978 :D
  2. Yo, sixlinewrasse :D
  3. sick. I'll defiantly be on later in a few hours. Have you tried it out yet? I think its the hardest map so far.
  4. Yeah my record is like 9 haha
  5. My record is 10 :p

    The new map is great but I can't find how to turn on the power. Are you guys playing on the 360?

  6. just follow the arrows painted on the walls like every other map they made
  7. you know where the box is when it spawns on the first part of the map? Its like above that you have to open some door for 1000$. But ya 360s the way to go :metal:
  8. No need to tell me guys I found it and I killed George Romero. If anyone wants to play call of the dead, ascension, five, or kino der toten sometime message me and tell me you are from Grasscity.

    Gamertag: Pollock123
  9. sick howd you manage to do that? I almost killed him earlier but a damn crawler got me when his lantern was turning purplish :cry:
  10. Almost an entire Death machine, an entire commando, and half a python. I got him up by the light house then I got a death machine then started unloading it clearing zombies behind me every once in a while. Running down to the start point then I went and stood by the quick revive finished using the death machine on him. I then proceeded to use an entire commando ammo storage, and half a python on that island every once in a while keeping zombies from getting to me. I had him down to yellow aura around when I finished the death machine and started the commando.

    It was pretty hard but I destroyed him :devious:
  11. im gonna be blazin and playing zombies at my buds house tommorow. hit me up on his gt: Illmusic Dood
  12. I didin't know you could kill him with regular guns
  13. You can it is just difficult.
  14. Man... I fucking love zombie games. Are you guys getting that new one?
  15. ^^You got Xbox 360? Because I think everyone in here already has the new one. I got it fo sho.

    Edit: Guys...all Grasscity member nazi zombies. We have to organize this!
  16. Dude that game is actually out now?
  17. You can buy it right now. It came out May 2nd.
  18. Holy shit.. I wish I had the money.

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