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    Yeah, so the new map pack hits the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in March with four new maps, including one for the Nazi Zombies
    Nightlife is a multiplayer map in war-ravaged Berlin.
    Knee Deep will have you attacking fortified Japanese positions in a jungle setting.
    Station takes place in a bombed-out underground subway station.

    Finally, Verrückt (Zombie Asylum) expands the zombie-killing co-op mode with more weapons, new Perks-a-Cola machines, electroshock defenses and endless, attacking legions of undead.

    BTW the pic is of nightlife, enjoy!
  2. is it free?
    ive never downloaded a map pack before
  3. Haha, no no no, it will never be free on a console.
    On a PC definitely.
    But if you have a 360 I can guarantee it will cost at least 800 gamer points (roughly $10-12)
  4. damn, i figured it cost money
    i got it on ps3
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    Haven't played for a week, and just discovered a new patch was out (1.2), including a new map. Yes, I play on the PC, as all shooter fanatics ought to :p

    Downloading now, but all the servers are rather busy, so it is slooooow. Another 30-40 mins before I get shooting :D

    Great to see that they will follow up with a map-pack. Looking forward to it. not that I'm tired of the stock maps, by far, but more is more, and more is good :)

  6. Hell yeah! Bigger zombie map. I never got past the second room anyways though.
  7. I got into Counter Strike on the pc but thats it, so I disagree Zylark, two little joysticks and some buttons are where its at. Planetside is really good on the PC but its an MMORPG not exactly a shooter.The kids on CS are nuts, well they arent kids theyre a bunch of drunk old German dudes who are magnificent at pistol headshots haha
  8. They had an offer on Modern Warfare after a while when you bought the game it came with a free code for all the new maps. Im sure they will with this too, but I already own the game so fuck it.
  9. The problem was of course that the Call of Duty 4 map pack sucked,
    I never bought it but I've played the maps at friends house,
    Uh.. Those maps were crappy and dysfunctional, my one friend said he regrets ever buying them since he always has to play Chinatown now.

    But yeah, this map pack still won't make me play WaW again,
    Play COD4 after playing WaW for awhile and you'll remember why you loved COD4 so much..
    Everything is better lol (Probably because WW2 + Treyarch = Bollocks)

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