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  1. so yea again i give up a fratty college weekend to come home and be with my girl. But seeing as this is her birthday today and tomrrow is prom, i have good reason. so we start watching almost famous and we start getting into it. im not gonna get into details cuz thats immature but man if anyone has gone three weeks with zero know that "things are tight". haha man it was like my little angel was a virgin again. anyway we finish and we're laying around and i hear my mom coming so we dress up and i grab the used condom and throw it in my pocket. we talk to my mom until she goes away. so we watch the end of the movie and she goes home. i log onto grasscity and i look down...i see this huge wet spot on my like uh what the fuck - OH NO!!! i forgot about the condom! it felt all wet on the inside of my leg and holy shit it was so gross to get out. ugh. so yea now i have this permanent spot until i wash my pants. call me spot. - scoob
  2. why the hell would anyone EVER put a used condom in their pocket? ..... are you an idiot?

    scuse me, let me rephrase that ..... are you a fucking idiot?

    oh ... thinkin with the other head again eh?

    really ..... no excuse spot

    Edit: Harsh words from this old timer ..... when i read spot's original post in a different frame of mind, it is quite funny, not something i would post on a public forum if it happened to me ..... but still funny! didn't mean to be an asshole .... no excuse ..... sorry dude.
  3. haha i'd only understand if you were blitz
  4. cuz i was hiding the evidence that i just fucked on my mom's bed maybe? yikes i thought this would give people a chuckle, not set off a timebomb of disgust. try smoking pot, i heard it calms you down. :)
  5. oh i'm laughin spot .... right at you
  6. you are quite the positive person arent you?
  7. haha good one man. reminds me of a line from Next Friday...

    "whats that on your leg?"

    "i dunno...i think its yogurt or something."


    btw, why the hell is everyone being so hard on him? :confused:
  8. haha next so glad you posted that cuz i wanted a good movie but couldnt think of one. nice im about to run out and get it.
  9. some people are just assholes.that sucks though lol just dont forget its there and try not to stick your hand in your pocket:rolleyes:
  10. Hahahhahaa, that shit is hilarious.
  11. haha, oh man, thank god i dont use condoms! haha

    spot, i gotta give u plus rep on this one haha, that was a story to lighten my day haha!
  12. haha thats funny shit
  13. hahahahhahahaha,

    good stuff bud
  14. Yeah, but I'm with him. I'm laughing at you right now. :D:laughing::D:laughing:


  15. :D
  16. man thats gross. didn't you smell it?

  17. Now, that's gross! Who in their right mind would stop to smell a used condom? :D
  18. i meant couldnt he smell it through his pants. DUH! jeeze man your the gross one. lol
  19. I was wondering the same thing Foreman. haha. It can create quite a smell. :laughing:

    scoobs, what about ss; splooge spot? Or how about ps; pocket splooge? ha. I need to go to bed, I'm talking nonsense.

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