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Call me old school, ....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobius, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. .... but I enjoy twsiting a crazy fat joint over hitting a bong anyday. Maybe it's just the stoner in me, I just love to sit and chill with a blunt. I have NO problems with the bongs and pipes, I just like the feel of the joint, the skill it takes to craft a great one, and the feeling of satisfaction i get as I smoke it, realizing I crafted this ingenious device with my bear nubian hands!!!!

    but that's just me, bongs and pipes are cool too :)
  2. I totally agree!

    Nothing is better than sitting down with a fresh fat sack, and rolling up like 20 joints... that or one really huge one!!!
  3. I would say I definatly prefer smokign a blunt to passing a bong. It goes by so slowly and you can just pass puff puff puff pass puff puff puff for about 20 minutes (some last a half-hour). Sitting in my basement around my table is where I have some of the best times. Crazy conversation, the relaxed feel, Marley in the background. With a bong you take a couple rips and you're already fucked up. It happens so quickly, and it uses so much weed so quickly... I love taking bong rips, but a nice fat blunt is preferable. As to joints I would prefer a bong. I smoke so many joints that its just normal. most of the time that I smoke its a few joints. I love smoking joints, but I just do so many, and I don't have a bong so its always fun to use them. Blunts are #1 though!

  4. Sounds like you are perfect O.F.F.F. material!
  5. ummm i almost HATE joints, i barely get a buzz from them and i never got stoned from a joint before. I love bowls, and i'd rather have medal than glass anyday... i guess i'm just a odd person. The last few days i been smoking leaf joints though, they don't really do much, but when you pack a bowl of them resiny roaches it gives me a slight buzz. I can't find bud anywhere, i hate my life.
  6. Yeah, the drill around here, is roll the joint/blunt, pass it. Afte this everyone's chillin. THEN, we shove the roacj into my bong and let er rip. That's only if we got nothing else to do that night though.
  7. i have been smoking for 13 years and i like to smoke it both ways. but for the head rush itys got to be the pipe. me and my mates are allways seeing who can do the most in one night the record so far is 21.
  8. i luv my joints 100% and very portable. and no evidence!! i like pipes n such too but i like joints!
  9. Doobius I agree joints are my favorite as well!
  10. I thought I was the only person that loves joints over everything else lol :smoke:
  11. there is nothin better then a joint --really just right after you roll A few ---thats perfict time to burn 1 --lookin at like 6 or 7 Jz sittin there takein the fattist 1 and fuk it ---hahah toke it up ---but like its been said by many ---ITS ALL GOOD ---ill smoke out a apple if i got to --the best thing about them though is u can eat the evidence
  12. I love Blunts! and prefer Garcias to roll them! :)
  13. Yes, but i must give props to the other great smokin tool, ... the steamtroller. \

    This ingenious device allows you to SEE the hit you are about to take, right in front of your eyes! Man i love this thing.
  14. I don't see why you wouldn't get a high from a joint unless you aren't rolling/using it right. People wouldn't use them if they ruined the high or anything like that. Personally I try hard not to be picky, I used the same li'l metal pipe for three years back in the day and never complained once. Bongs are nice, my favorite way to smoke in fact, but every once in a while J's are better.
  15. whenever i finish a joint, my first thought is always "id be 10 times more ripped if i had even piped half of that.." joints suck for conserving weed, but theyre just way more fun to smoke.. if i have like a 1/2 o or something ill usually roll joints, otherwise ill pipe
  16. I dont deal with pipes anymore (dont ask why)...I'll either take my metal stem/bowl and make it into a water bottle bong if im at school and need a blaze or if im at home i'll smoke the glass bong and roll joints/blunts...I guess you need to know how to roll them real nice and tight and sure to get it wet and then tourch it it make sure it burns nice and slow...I dont know about you man but I get fucked up like you wouldnt believe off of just one joint to myself. Guess you gotta roll them with some bomb weed.
  17. I always feel bad at times liek these when I have no weed, and I think back to all those HUGE inefficient blunts and dutch J's I made :( almost makes me wanna cry
  18. those of you who say you are conserving weed by using a jizoint, are gravely mistaken. bongs, pipes, and other devices in which the marijuana is only burning while the hit is being taken obviously can stretch your stash miles beyond joint rolling.
    my friends and i, who are what i consider experienced ganja connoisseurs have never really gotten into joint rolling for some reason. i'll use either my friends bong, homemade bongs, spoons, or my personal glass bubbler to induldge in the herb.
    i do realize that joints can present almost an art form, and can be quite rewarding to the expert roller, but unfortunately i am quite lacking in this art.
    also, i pretty much always am smoking higher quality bud - from hydro to really dank bud, so joint rolling with these types of cannabis is simply wasteful. when you come to appreciate fine cheeba, you prefer the taste to be undisturbed by burning paper products.
  19. I guess the big thing about joints is that they're fun to roll/smoke if you know what your doin
  20. Old School for life!

    Smoking bongs/pipes is just too intense for me. A few serious lung filling hauls and your fucked off your tits! Fun times i do agree, but just not my preference!

    Joints are the shit, portable like someone said, as well you dont have to carry around an increminating pipe the smells like maad herbs. But Blunts are my passion. In my opinion, Nothing beats a blunt. Nothing. A blunt is sooo chilling, burns nice and slow, nice thick draws, orgasm and a half just typing this shit out!

    But smoke however you wanna smoke, were all friends of Bobs when were lifted! Peace

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