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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by champsmarijuana, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Floating my gallon of nutes its like the mold the grows in a humidifer water
  2. make a new gallon
  3. Domt the plants feed off it i been using it n its working good
  4. no roots dont like you shouldnt mix up your nutes a head of time or let them sit after you do mix them
  5. I was just thinking you were using a gallon of water for nutes unless the gallon is your growing container...either way there shouldn't be any mold or algae in your system
  6. If something is floating around in your water then toss it. If you want to premix your nutes beforehand, make sure to get an air pump and air stone to keep the water aerated and moving around, stagnant water is bad. Also, keep it out of light (lightproof container would be best). Otherwise it's a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

    Or am I reading this wrong and this is just your bottle of nutes with it?

    What nutes are they and how old?
  7. Idk they been sittin in a hawian punch gallon mixed with water n its nasty as fuck the mold is crazy in there but my plants seem to like it
  8. Its very old btw

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