Discussion in 'General' started by AncientHippie, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Medical Marijuana :hello::hello::hello:
    You all are SO lucky!!!!! :smoke::smoke::smoke:
    I just can't imagine that much freedom here in the USA.
  2. just come down to cali then :D
  3. Ummm... There is an entire board dedicated to medical marijuana.....
  4. Yeah we got it good, so do the other 12 states (or something like that) that have medical! :hello:
  5. thats right nothing but california love dawg:smoke:
  6. there are 12 including california.

    but i think not until more states get medical mary jane that it will never become decrimnilized. so we need more states to fall and have the state repersentives in congress begin to agree with us...
  7. Cops still TAKE homies weed all the time, even tho they have medical, they just want some for theirselves

  8. Word... I bet half of the pigs in cali smoke it

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