California Smokers!

Discussion in 'General' started by FinallyFamous, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. how much is a normal dime? like if you're selling? and what's a normal dub?
  2. A dub (gram) of dank is usually 20 a dime (half gram) is 10
  3. [quote name='"kiefsmoker420"']A dub (gram) of dank is usually 20 a dime (half gram) is 10[/quote]

    Not in California. I live in the bay area and for a dub (20$) I get somewhere between 2.0-2.5gs. For a dime (10$) you should get 1-1.5 gs

  4. kiefsmoker420 lives in cali
  5. down here in central california ive paid 30 for 4 grams of some decent shit and like 20 for 2.4 of dank shit
  6. yeah i live in the 559 i'm just askin i mean i get fat plugs but if i was gunna start slanging you know? i wanna make profit you know?
  7. I said most people get it for 20 a gram but I get 2 grams for 20
  8. dam didnt realize how cheap i get it haha
  9. Dubs are $20 worth of weed and dimes are $10. Always. Now how much you get for that, depends on the area you live in and who you know.

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