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California Medical Marijuana Card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TheWidow, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. I smoke to relieve pain in my joints, and was wondering if this can be used to get a card. I will probably be moving out to the santa barbara area this summer. I have a friend who moved out there a couple years ago with his mom when his parents got a divorce. I plan on attending college there after i have lived there long enough to get in state tuition. He dislocated his shoulder so he had it pretty easy getting his card. I think he officially gets it in a couple of days. Does anyone kno why the prices are so much cheaper out there than in the midwest?
  2. Do you have prior medical history? Be sure to bring those when you move here.

    As far as the prices... a big reason is because a lot of the marijuana come from the NorCal area like Humboldt and Eureka. So there is plenty of weed here to go around, whereas the midwest may have to obtain from other places and have to charge more.
  3. You should be able to snag a card no problem. In SB, it's pretty easy.
  4. In cali, you got the money, you get the card. Simple as that really. It helps to have an actual condition, but it isn't absolutely necessary to be honest.

    My appointment is on Saturday. :D
  5. Excerpt :

    Documentation is the issue here .

    I have basically the same symptoms with joint pain . I have one bad knee with two operations and I have degenerate disc disorder . Simply put my spinal discs are worn away and busted up from auto wrecks . Dr. said either of these conditions are legitimate reasons for qualification .

    Of course there are places that will issue you a " scrip " for qualifying on the spot after they exam you . It's your call how you want to go about it .

    Dr. here charge me $150.00 for the consultation some less some more .

    Getting the card is another issue altogether . In California when the program began you got a card after receiving your Dr.s scrip recommendation , and that was it . Now you have to take your Dr.'s scrip to a county office and then register and pay $150.00 and that's what I call bullshit .

    There are counties in northern California that charge as much as $300.00 for your card !

    So if your just buying from a dispensary you don't really need it . Your small potatoes doing just that . But if you want to " Go Super High Me " to the next level as a dispensary you better get the card .

    With more dispensaries available here and the fantastic weather we have ( all of California is a grow zone from the deserts to the mountains and to the sea ) its only obvious why prices are cheaper here than where you come from . Here outdoor grows are easy anywhere weather wise . Indoor growing has it's advantages too .

    Sincerely :

    Local Boy
  6. I've heard of some people getting their cards for as little as $130. In SB you shouldn't have a poblem finding either a doctor to get one from or a dispenary. That I'm aware of, there's a least one good dispensary in SB, it's like 2 hours from me.
  7. For my appointment tomorrow the Doctor is charging me 125 $. The price would have been 175 $ but I'm getting a 50 $ discount because I'm cool like that. :cool:
  8. side question. when u get the card do u have to renew it or is it good for whenever?
  9. The card is valid as long as your doctor's recommendation stays valid. They usually have put an expiration date on the card itself.
  10. From what I have heard, the initial payment of $130-$150 is for the first year. Renewal does cost, I've been told around $80 for renewal.
  11. just get one and grow your own. but dont tell anyone. haha
  12. There are a bunch of people loitering on Venice Beach selling consultations and cards, they are not hard to find.

    So if I were to pay 300 for the entire process, doctor and card, is that a good deal?
    Or can I get it for cheaper?
  13. I was under the impression that the $150 paid for the entire process, which is the doctor's recommendation and card. $300 sounds steep to me.

  14. Unfortunately, $300 is about right.

    Average card is $150 and average recommendation is $150.

    HOWEVER, you only need the recommendation for legal purposes.
  15. You guys are confusing a couple of things here.

    1) The ONLY thing you need to go to dispensaries and grow your own is a Medical Marijuana Recommendation from an accredited doctor. That will usually run you between $100 and $150. Anything more than $150 and you're getting ripped off. Choose your doctor CAREFULLY and do your research, there are a LOT of shady doctors out there who only care about the color of your cash (and yes, before you ask, it's a CASH ONLY business, you can't use health insurance to get a MMJ recommendation). Make sure your recommending doctor A) has no public strikes against him/her by googling them first, B) Has a 24/7 Verification Service and C) Is willing to testify in court for you. Your MMJ Doctor's Recommendation is valid for UP to one year only.

    2) The State MMJ Patient Identification Card is about $163 and is a photo ID linked to a State run database, and is the ONLY MMJ Identification card that is guaranteed by the State. If you are stopped by a LEO it is the only piece of ID that they HAVE to accept as qualified patient status and leave you alone. If you do not have the ID card a LEO can question the validity of your recommendation and confiscate your meds if they feel like it. You will get them back, but you will have to go to court and have the court verify your recommendation. The State card is VOLUNTARY, and while you do go into a Database it is secure from outside interference. Your name is also NOT on the ID card itself, only your picture. It's Valid for one year.
  16. Thanks man, this is what I thought but i'm glad you reaffirmed it for me.

    Due to MMJ licenses being a shady buisseness right now, i'm not quite sure where to find the names in the first place, let alone search through google. Is there a site that lists some? Preferably in Orange County?
  17. Your best bet for finding REPTUTABLE doctors is either ASA (Americans for Safe Access) or NORML. Both have great lists of doctors.
  18. So does that mean you can only use the doctor's recommendationfor one year, or it can it be renewed just like the card?
  19. so is it possible to gt a doctor reccomndation out of the state that u will be getting the card in? Ex: Get a reccomendation from a doc in hawaii and then get the card in Cali.

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