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  1. I can't wait for weed to be legalized in Cali, does anyone know if California will legalize weed soon?
  2. Honestly man, it pretty much is. I've lived here for a few years now and I've been pretty open about it. I live in Sacramento and at festivals and stuff around here a lot of people are just smoking pieces and bowls out in the open. Where I'm from (Philadelphia area, South Jersey area) that would be totally uncommon. So I mean if you're not dumb with it and can handle yourself it's pretty much legal.

  3. Regardless, it's not. If you don't have a medical card, you're still at risk. Luckily it's usually only the same effects as a trafic violation.

    To answer the OP: it seems pretty likely in the next election in 2 years a bill like CO might pass in Cali.
  4. Ok that's cool then, I was confused with the legal system about that, thanks
  5. If/when a law is on the ballot make sure and read it so as not to fall for the anti-legalization crap like last time.
  6. It won't likely happen in CA before it happens at the federal level despite something like 85% of us considering cannabis as less dangerous than alcohol. But it is okay. As a white male I have been caught with multiple pipes, double digit grams, half smoked joints, and the police honestly do not care so long as you tell them the truth and don't have a bunch of dealing stuff.

    I have even seen local sheriff compliment a friend of mine on his plant in the front yard. Its not the same everywhere, but as long as you aren't involved in other crimes, acting like a douche, or running a Vietnamese grow house, the weed laws here for the average smoker aren't bad and medical licencing is more a matter of about $220.00 than coming up with a legitimate ailment.
  7. Where do you live that it cost two twenty for a MMJ card?
  8. $220??? That's outrageous! I only paid $80 for mine!
  9. I am adding it all together. Doctor trip, recommendation, and license.

    People always trip on prices on grasscity. Someone somewhere else said they paid $4 for a bottle of water, as an exaggeration and the thread suddenly becomes about who pays how much for what. This place is always good for a laugh.
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    You got ripped. 40 here :cool:.


    And yes, I have offed people with Storm Crow. Twas a Crow with a Jitte, but...a Crow nonetheless :D.
  11. Kushy, I live in a rural area- "pot docs" are fewer in number and can get away with charging more! :cool: But I don't like going to the big city and it is worth the extra money to avoid that! As it is I have to travel to a mid-sized town, since our local "pot doc" retired due to health issues! :(

    Granny :wave:
  12. Im more interested in these Vietnamese grow houses than your overpriced rec. :laughing: Care to go into some details?
  13. Seems like every couple of months there is some foreclosure suburban neighborhood somewhere in the Valley off 5 or in the hills around 580. The cops roll on a house and find every room of the place converted into an indoor grow. Usually just enough room to navigate inside. The arrestees tend to have names like, Bin Ho, Than Nguk, and the like.

    I have even heard of 6-7 houses on a block being used like this. They get HUGE seizures of cash and pounds of bud every time. It makes me cry to see all the plants on the news getting chopped.
  14. This may not be true in every locality in CA, btw. There have been problems not only from above state law (feds) but from below (cities and counties) who have been closing dispensaries and banning both outdoor and indoor grows depending where you are.

  15. I don't blame some of the different counties getting tough on local dispensaries. There was one not too far away, ASPC, that was shut down after two people were murdered for their weed in the parking lot, on two separate occasions. The grocery store that shared the parking filed a complaint with the city due to undesirable foot traffic, and the city then went to the feds for help in enforcement.

    But then you have backwards assed counties like Redlands that won't allow any dispensaries whatsoever...
  16. ill be honest, i really dont care if we become "legal" or not. the mmj system makes it so cannabis is practically legal anyways here! and i definitely will read the bill closely because i worry about taxation, additives in weed, and most importantly BS sobriety tests that youll fail for DUI even if you smoked a week ago. not saying anything forsure i just see those as POTENTIAL issues
  17. The best option here in California is to get a prescription. Dispensaries are pretty common in most areas, so once you have a prescription, you're free to buy where ever you want. However, most dispensaries will also want you to sign up for a membership card specific to their location, so if you go to several dispensaries, you'll have to carry a lot of cards...

    Head shops are also pretty common. There's a huge one in Temecula called the Glass Warehouse - it's amazing.

    As the law stands though:

    1) Without a prescription with you, carrying up to an ounce and any paraphernalia that they can prove was used with cannabis is only an infraction, punishable by a ticket up to $100.

    2) With a prescription, you can carry on you up to an ounce and all the paraphernalia you want.
  18. A medical marijuana license in Los Angeles also allows you to grow up to 6 plants for "personal" consumption...and that's just what I'm doing. My closet grow keeps me in high grade bud consistently. Also have enough to share with my closest bros. Also agree with SCMC that the cops are pretty cool about weed as long as they're convinced that you're using it just for your self. They get bent if they think you're dealing. So if you have a personal grow goin on make sure to stash your scales where it can't be found. ;) Smoke on brothers and sisters...smoke on.
  19. Man I really need to marry an American woman one day. Then after I'm in I'll get myself a GREEN card.

    See what I did there:ey:
  20. Haha I live in temecula by the glass warehouse kinda.

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