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California Kush- quality?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Smoke some dank, May 17, 2009.

  1. Well lately my dealer has been really unreliable. So I have resorted to finding a new one. My friend's bro can hook me up with 8th ounce of California Kush for $30 and 8th. I have never smoked kush in my life. Is this a good deal? Is Cali Kush like smoking mids/dank?

    Thanks :bongin:
  2. pretty sure good deal :O
  3. Yes, it is a good deal. I wouldn't worry about that. I don't know if it's more mid or dank, I've never tried California Kush, but try it yourself. The price is good so why not try it :)
  4. No way does Kush go for 30 an 8th

  5. It's one of my best friend's bro's. Me and him are close so I got a good hookup.
  6. try it and make sure he gives u exactly 3.5.
  7. #7 CapCityNOVA, May 17, 2009
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    does got anyone wanna bet that we'll see a "I got scammed!" or "Is this weed?" thread tomorrow....:rolleyes:

    I'd check it out first, don't give him the money until you get the weed...

  8. Lol, first of all if I got scammed I wouldn't be a little baby and piss and moan about it on GC. It's only $30 so what the fuck? You guys are just jealous I got better hookup than you :rolleyes:
  9. Oh boy. Here we go again. When you get the bud post some pics up!

    30 an 8th is a damn steal.
  10. yeah that's exactly it...:confused:
  11. If it's legit cali kush, yeah that'd be a pretty amazing deal. Though, the deal does seem to be a little to good to be true.
  12. You guys have told me that it's a steal. But is it mids or dank?

  13. How would we know? We haven't seen it. But if it is "california kush" I'm guessing it should be dank.
  14. When I manage to get some cali kush I usually won't sell it for less than 50 an eighth. GO for it.
  15. Nothing is saying that he'll be sold fake weed just cause its a good deal:confused: At most it won't actually be kush just some name a dealer gives to push his stuff.
  16. never said that he'd be sold fake weed, but I guarantee it won't be California Kush. Sometimes we just have to be realistic, 30$ an eighth for California Kush? Not even a bulk pick up? Deff gotta check it out before he hands the money, can't let a dealer fuck with people like that.
  17. good shit im from California and i dont even get cali kush for 30 and 8th i get it for 40:mad:
  18. $30 is a great price but I highly doubt its actually kush. Thats mids prices. Kush goes from $60 -$75 in so cal

    NO BODY lets kush go for cheap, it will move it self.

  19. Oh no hate brother I was mistaken by what you meant:D
  20. don't quote me on this but, i think its the same thing as og kush and yeah i tried its definitely dank.the high is very happy and peacful and the taste is smooth and fruity

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