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  1. Okay, so I am 20 years old and live in the great and crazy city of Chicago, but will be making the life-changing decision of moving to California within the next year. At this point in my life I have figured out that moving there to grow is the right decision for me. I just have a few things I need confirmed and help with.

    1. Once I move there, lets says after I sign a lease to a house, I can immediatly go and get a California liscence correct?
    2. I will be needing this for residency to get my medical marijuana card. Which I will be able to get through a doctors appoinment where I pay the fee and show him my prescribed bottle of riddilin, for ADD/ADHD, correct?
    3. Once you have a doctors recomendation can you start growing or do you need to wait to have the actual card? (how long does it take to actually have the card if you do)
    4. This is my most important question I have been doing intense research on where to move to and have narrowed it down to the emerald triangle. I am not a hippie, just a goofy stoner, but love the hippie crowd. Where is the most stoner, hippie, and grower friendly.......mendocino, humboldt, somewhere else? I have looked into humboldt county alot, but have heard people keep to themselves, and I have heard Mendocino county is getting terrible with raids.
    6. Where is the safest and most friendly place to grow outside, I plan on growing 20 to 50 plants outside. I plan on renting an average house and was curious if it would be better in more of a neighborhood setting, I dont want problems with thieves or the police, or if I should look more into someplace more rural and spacious, I am not a lonesome type person and would like to meet other friendly growers and stoners in my area.

    If you can help with any of this It would be greatly appreciated. Mods if this is the wrong forum please move it I wasnt sure.
  2. Whoa man you are way exited! I have lived in CA all my life and where I live is premo for marijuana cultivation. If you want a chill place to live and grow way Northern California (Mount Shasta, Montague,...). The cops are chill and the country is beautiful.

    To your script Q. You have to bring your lease agreement or CA ID in addition to your medical records with you to a doctor who specializes in CA marijuana recommendations. The "card" is optional and is a program run though the state. All you need to grow is the recommendation for your new doctor. :)
  3. Yes I'm pretty sure you can get your license here as soon as you prove residence. It would be an easy phone call to DMV to ask.

    You don't have to wait for the recommendation and they make you a card on the spot, but there is a second card that you can apply (through the county or state, I forget) for that is more official than the recommendation, but you can only get it once you have your Drs recommendation.

    As for where to live, you should look up the plant limits in the county were you want to live. Where I am is very MJ friendly as far as the police go, but we are limited to 6 full sized outdoor plants. While in neighboring counties you can have over 20 plants but they can't be outdoors. The country MMJ laws would make a big difference in where I chose to move.
  4. Yea a med card will not cover 30 to 50 plants.
  5. Yep if you want to grow a lot legally u should open a co op and get some patients. And growing weed outdoor in mendocino or humbolt is not a good idea. It's s good climate but it's near impossible to avoid detection from police/ rippers. There is people who will literally hunt for plants in these areas. I heard way up north by the border of Oregon is a great chill spot. Stay away from so cal cuz the price of living is outrageous. Hey good luck man.
  6. Hey thanks for the replys guys, few follow up questions. Does anyone have any suggestion of what countys in Northern California allow a good ammount of plants to be grown, to my understanding 99?, and is a good place overall to live? Also what exactly does it take to start a co op? Thanks again.
  7. We cant talk about that on this forum...but any business you will need a few things. Capital($$), and retail location that is pre zoned for a coop, Permits from the city hall, you will need to hire employees (background checks, blah blah. ) and you will need a steady supply of product. So you will need several growers. ( need to be legit and have cards)....

    and what city in cali...I would try to stay northern area of cali. I would love to say humbolt... but like SanDiegoStonerz said their are people who look to rip people off. So i would try to live in a smaller town in the area. And make sure your place is gated and not visible from air and neighbors.

    Evil :hello:
  8. Let me know how things turn out "Irishsmoke00" :D keep in touch!
  9. Its not just about the counties, the city itself can impose restrictions too. Also, just cus you have the card/recommendation, doesn't mean your 100% safe. The cops can still mess with you. Some are hella cool and obey the CA medical law, others don't give a shit and will arrest you just to hassle you. Yes it will get tossed out, but it sucks to have to get lawyers and shit.

    You also gotta follow the law to the letter. They can go through your garbage bin and pull out plant matter and count it as dry weight! They can be assholes about it and FIND shit to press charges.

    I dont want to scare you, but you gotta be on your toes if you plan on growing 99 plants. Its also more expensive than you think. Like it was mentioned before, your going to need some major $$$.

    I see all the time on the news where grow ops are raided by home invaders and shit. Growers killing kids who trying to steal too. Fresno is CRAZY!
  10. Nowhere in CA will let you have 99 plants legally. That's just the limit before the feds are more likely to fuck with you.

    Most counties/cities have major restrictions for opening any type of MMJ business in CA. They either won't allow any more to open period, or they only allow a couple new ones at a time so it's like a lottery who gets to open one. Huge competition. But you can easily become a caretaker for another patient. I'm not sure how many people you can be a care taker for, but if you're mother, sister, and bother all got cards and listed you as a caretaker, that would increase the amount of plants you could grow.
  11. Hey guys, so taking advice from a friend I have decided to start a very small grow in my apartment (in the city) to get the hands on experience before I up and move to cali. I also need to save up more money so this is a great way to do it. So a few more questions for you.

    1. Does anybody know a great site to order guaranteed female seeds?
    2. I plan on buying grow tents, most likely two smaller tents one for vegging and one for flowering. What watt and type light should i use for each tent?
    3.I know the systems in and out, but am still undecided which is best to use. I am a first time grower but a fast learner and no dummy. For using two grow tents, what is the best system to use that would give me the best yield in the shortest amount of time? DWC or Ebb n Flow? Maybe even Aero? DWC and Ebb N Flow arent too expensive and seem simple enough to learn but,
    - which has the least maintenance?
    -Can both be separated into a veg and flowering room?
    -Can they both be setup into Sea of Green and how exactly?
    4. If I do not have the means to provide fresh air from the outside into my grow tent, should I put a CO2 tank in there, if so how much?
    5. I have read that one of the most common problems in a grow tent is overheating, what do I buy to stop this? I have read about a Cooling Tube, but aren't exactly sure what it is.

    You do not understand how much I appreciate any help. With every little piece of information you can help me with, you get me one step closer to living my dream.
  12. in response to your first q...
    Santa Cruz is the place to be (in more ways than one) with a 100 sq. ft canopy limit and up to 3# of dry dank, humboldt shares this law, but i wouldnt personally go to the land of growing pot. every little ripper knows where to go. oakland comes in 3rd with 72 sq. ft. of canopy, but i wouldnt move there either.... for many many reasons (like cali's highest murder rate)! most of the rest of cali has a 6 mature plant limit and 8 oz. of dry bud, or something similar... 99 plants, well 100 sq. ft of auto's grown indoor might get ya half that...
  13. Yeah I live 20 minutes south of the county line so I'm at the 12 plant limit. Santa Cruz county allows up to 99 plants as stated above. I want to have my large grow up there when I get it started. My friend has about 80 plants going right now in his Santa Cruz grow. Everyone move out here. Lets smoke!
  14. And yeah murder rates are out of control around here. Everyone needs to smoke a bowl and chill out! Lets be friends
  15. Woah so is Santa Cruz unsafe to be I wouldnt be in too populated of an area but I would still wanna make aure I was safe. Whats your overall opinion?
  16. I love Santa Cruz. I'm going tomorrow. I go almost every weekend. Santa Cruz isn't too bad for crime. A lot of homeless people but Salinas is much worse for violent crimes. Was highest murder rate for the population size. Its perfect weather around here for growing tho. There are also at least 3 dispensaries that I've seen but I know there are more.
  17. stay in chicago and grow there man !!!!!!! dont come to cali !!!! its just to risky and dangerous , plus the market is over flooded here .
  18. Haha well we know who is selling.... if you're growing for yourself, its sweet out here but a lot of people deal. If you're looking to sell, might want to stay there then
  19. Growing gets you jail in chicago Im just starting on a very small scale right now 2 to 6 plants probably., I will be getting my med card in cali.

    What do you guys think ovverall is the best county and overall area to grow in california. I would like privacy but not to be in the middle of nowhere you know?
  20. I've lived in Cali my whole life and I want to offer a different perspective to help you out.

    First off, if you go to bakersfield california to get your card, it's a 5 min process. You walk into this room, the doctor asks what's wrong with you, you tell him. He hands you a presigned paper and you put your name on it, you walk out, hand money to receptionist, done. No proof required.

    Second, if you plan on renting a house and growing outside, it's going to be damn near impossible. The reasons being, since it's still federally illegal, most homeowners wont rent if your intent is to grow because their house is at stake and can be confiscated by the govt after a raid. I recommend growing inside if you plan to grow and also, a card in cali is limited to 6 mature plants OR 12 clones. There is a card that costs about 300 dollars that permits up to 99 plants but I don't recommend it at all with all the fucked up laws.

    Also, the card costs 60 bucks the first time and 40 for a renewal. All it is is a piece of paper with the drs number, signature and his recommendation with your name written on it. The way it's checked is that the cops call the number or use the web to look you up. It will tell them instantly if you are within your rights.

    Imo, it's safe to grow anywhere if you're chill about it but in all seriousness, California is not like other states. A lot of people from the mid western/eastern states are shocked by the lack of friendly people here. My uncle said it best to me a couple months ago when I asked why he doesn't grow. He said, "I don't want to worry about people breaking into my house all the time." Just be smart about it and you'll be fine. The cost of living here is pretty high as well, so account for that. I'd avoid the emarld triangle and go further north into a place like susanville california. If you go up there, you can get 20 acres of land for like 15,000 dollars. It's always snowing, so if you grow inside, your lights keep your house warm you'll know a raid is coming a mile away, as youll see the cops on the dirt road. They tend not to fuck with people as much anymore since everyone carded up.

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