California Events in March

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  1. Alright, list everything you know that's going on (MJ related better, but not necessary)

    Everything I know of is in/around San Diego

    Reggae Party-Soma

    The Human Solution (protest a MMJ court case)

    Young Jeezy
    Allen Stone

    Reggae thursday-Lydia

    The Ting Tings
    Jeff Dunham

    Big Toe
    Temple 420 (LA?)

    Doug Benson
    Temple 420 (LA?)

    The Knux
    Erin & the Project
  2. It would be cool if you posted where these events are at and how much.
  3. I'll have to look into this stuff. I'm in the LA area, so some of these are probably close.
  4. I did say where they are all at.

    Right before the first llisting
  5. And I have no idea how much they are.

    I'm in Colorado right now.
    I'm trying to GET info.
  6. Well I got all the info already but thanks. And you just gave a city not the location of the event. San diego is a big place I live here. :smoke::hello:
  7. Well I'm sorry to burden you, I only knew the name of the city they were in.
  8. Orange county rite here . Who's tyga playing with? What city
  9. If you live there, post something new instead of asking a Colorado-Texan where events are in your town.

    I made this thread so I could find new stuff before I come to town.
  10. San D I think,
    Not sure who with.
  11. Um... beyond wonderland hello?
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    Well maybe you should have made that aware in your original post I had no Idea of these events until you posted this thread thanks, now you need info and your not getting. Wouldnt want to see such a dick at any of these events. Stay in texas tourist we dont like assholes out this way :):wave::smoke:
  13. LOL

    You are so confused right now. I already know about these events, a google search will tell me where they are.

    I'm asking if you know about OTHER events, and you don't or you wouldn't need these.

    So your information is worthless anyway, and you WILL see me at some of those shows:smoke::wave:
  14. Well don't think your hitting the blunt !:wave::smoke:
  15. Got some bad ass footage in Cali, gotta get it uploaded.

    And I'll be back in Colorado in time for the WORLDS LARGEST 4/20 RALLY!!

    So you can look forward to videos of that :)
  17. Dam I dont think I can make that one ! But Ill blow smoke out that way.
  18. HARD LA this Saturday at the Wiltern in LA whose going?

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