California... Cannada... Where should I be At!!

Discussion in 'General' started by OG'er 4rEaleR, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Once I get my Associates, I'm thinking I need to change my environment again (frequent traveler you might say)... Im working for a Biology/Biochemistry major... I hear UCLA is a good school in sciences? I don't know...

    My mission is to finish my studies in a new place, new people, different "culture" If you will, because moving around has taught the reward of being able to get to know people all over the world, different ideologies and methodologies…

    My question….. Where 2 ?? lol
  2. University of Guelph (in, you guessed it, Guelph, Ontario) has a pretty good sciences program. Plus, the G-Spot is a rad as fuck city.

    And it wouldn't be right if I didn't rep my school, haha...the University of Western Ontario (in London, Ontario) has an extremely awesome science faculty. London is a stellar city, so much to do.
  3. definitely guelph, its the hippie university :smoke:
    my friend is going there, shes maad excited. u of t for me though
  4. Thanks for the info Guys!!

    Im looking into Guelph and they look like they have a good molecular/celullar dep with botny as part of the curicullum! I... think I found the one guys! lol... And I guess I could see where you would get hippie!

    Man oH man! time to work on my french eh?<- LOL
    The transformation... has begun! :D

    A lot of good MM dispensaries? I wish to open one, one day!
  5. Is'nt torronto like party city!?
  6. right there..

    london is sweet

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