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California..Are these idiots nuts??

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by Buzzer777, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. Lets pull the booze taxes up to an equal point. I mean it's only fair. Right ??
    $ 10.00 a beer. $ 120 a case of 12 :)
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  2. Oh great, now I gotta build a still.
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  3. A couple weeks back I got a lecture from a So SF dispensary manager about the tax bite that was going to hit recereational weed in 2018, and how much less your Cannabis card would entitle you to pay "over the counter" in medical mode dispensaries. His concern is beginning to sink in. Many dispensaries in California are at risk when they're outnumbered by recreational stores and if dispensaries aren't allowed to sell as recreational retailers.
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  4. Interesting..I would think the dispensarys in Nevada are licking their chops! Just the overflow from any nearby Cali cities will be amazing..Good thing I don't have to go to a dispensary any more..There are 6 or so dispensarys here in the Reno Area and there are always lines..Vegas has tons of them. I predict more and more people will grow as well.
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  5. Every city will be ran different. Some cities won't allow storefronts other cities will but could put all kinds of local taxes on it.
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  6. why are they making this such a big deal. I mean legalize and stop raping us on tax. they will still make a massive profit.
  7. It's called GREED!
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  8. I know Cali was first in acceptance, but all legal states should take a look at Colorado. They are making sooo much money in taxes and not raping the consumer. They are the 'best' model IMO of how a legal state should function. I'm in MI rec here is supposed to pass...we'll see.

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  9. Cato put it closer to 70% tax depending on the local taxes...
  10. @STIGGY..you change avatars faster than I change socks..LMAO..speaking of new avatars..LOL
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  11. Cali's broke

    they hope to bring in some needed cash by taxing the dopers ...lol

    try adding the same to gas ..lol

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  12. .dblepost
  13. I'm coming up empty handed in my search for local law. How do I find the most current laws in "MY" city so I know how to stay legal. With everything changing faster than I can load my bong, I'm having a hard time keeping up. All of what I can find are very brief and vague news articles about dispensaries and commercial grows. I'm just an old dude growing my meds in the back yard. But how do I find out what my particular city allows? My landlord is ok with me growing, but understandably, he's only concerned about what's legal on his property. Anybody got a link to point me in the right direction?
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  14. Washington state has a 37% tax and is doing just fine.(they also don't allow home grows) Colorado has 13% tax plus any local taxes. Oregon has 17% tax with a 3% local tax added on. while also allowing medical card holders to exempt from all taxes. The only reason the medical program still exists is because of that tax break otherwise there wouldn't be any reason to have it really. Higher THC products I suppose and the ability to purchase much larger quantities. But most areas have a few dozen stores within a cpl miles of each other and each one of them is allowed to sell you an ounce of flower and 7 grams of concentrate.
  15. With the ability for companies to actively create and sell products exclusively to grow cannabis the ability for the average person to cultivate a killer crop in their closet is becoming so easy so quickly that it will put a huge hit in retail sales in the next cpl of years. and with more an more states legalizing you won't have those outside idiots coming over and willing to pay insane prices for herb.(I'm looking at you Idaho!)
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  16. I agree but the only reason we are getting this amount of "legal herb" is because of the taxes. Now if they could hurry and catch up with the times with drug testing for cannabis I would be much happier.

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