Cali weed vs Texas weed

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  1. I want opinions. ready set go.

  2. cali because they have medical dispensary's
  3. If it has trichomes, and it's green (or brown if i'm in a hash-y sort of mood) it'll disappear in a cloud of smoke.

    I don't discriminate on grounds of origin :)
  4. in cali the herb is way more socially acceptable, therefore grown more. with practice comes the knowledge to grow some awesome plants.

    NOT to say that Texas is without its gurus, but I feel like cali obviously has the better weed
  5. They both get you high, man.:cool:
  6. Hahahaha.

    Had a friend live in Texas for a good while.

    Texas bud is a joke compared to California bud.

    Why even compare?

    Lexus vs geo metro.
  7. they are the same really, good stuff is grown indoors in both places...Mexican dirtweed blows but you can get that anywhere really..I grew up in Texas and now live on the west coast...the problem is everyone thinks every where in Texas has the same mentality, so not true, I would put Austin up against even the most liberal Cali city as far as attitude, a ton of indoor weed is grown there..lets be clear just because medicinal weed is available in Cali does not make it legal for all or even the majority..and unless you have been able to experience both cultures you are in no position to judge..Later
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    Hrmm...Cali? Just something I got from the club...As other people say, I haven't been to Texas to judge, but I had a friend who lived in Dallas for a lot of his years. He had an experience with shitty weed, hard to find purp out there.

    Dark Vader Mini


    Purple Kush

  9. quoted for truth
  10. I'm from Texas and love Texas.... But Wtf kinda question is that shit illegal here and we get more Mexican swag than wheat... I would kill to have cali bud sorry... Remeber in texas we pay for cali bud.... Cali don't pay for Texas bud haha.

  11. I don't get it, your dumbass friend couldn't find a decent connect? and you think the whole state is shit? get outta here
  12. I don't know man Texas has some good dank, to say either one is better is ridiculous. I've had medical bud that wasn't near as good as the bud I got in Houston. Then again I'm sure there is some medical that would blow some Texas dank out the water.
  13. Texas has a lot of SCHWAGGG coming from Mexico. Cali does too, but they got the dispensaries.
  14. Why yall keep talking about all the "schwag", if you don't smoke it why are you seeing it?
  15. cali obv. all texas gets is mexican shwag brick weed.

    seems like it would be common sense since cali has all those dispenseries.
  16. haven't tried texas weed but i think your weed will get dryer a lot faster if you have it in texas and arizona. which is no bueno for any type of fuego.

    Bammer is hazardous and EVERYWHERE.

  17. exactly some of the best weed ive ever had has been at the lake in Austin, guess what if you aint from Texas dont expect the good hook ups, I sure as hell know im not getting the best bud in Cali. If your not getting the dank in Texas its not because its not there its because you dont know the right people.

    Please I have never never never in 30+ years in Texas heard of someone being retarded enough to transport Cali weed to Texas, its cheaper in Texas so why would you risk getting pulled over and arrested with much stiffer penalties?? so blow that up someone elses ass..

    once again this is where different areas of Texas are vastly different, the border is flooded with mexican garbage but then again so is the border area in Cali.


  18. No my veteran friend frequents all places, even the 'high' end dank over there is California midgrade.

    Texas bud, sucks donkey dick.

    Don't be mad ;)

  19. Troll or biggest dumbass on gc.
  20. I live in Houston you guys have no idea what you're talking about, I can get crazy dank, Cali just has a higher amount of smokers, growers, and dispensaries, and it's decriminalized... Texas has none of that, if I knew a grower I could get dank just as good as any of you Cali kids. Every city has dank weed just gotta find it

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