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Cali Script in Hawaii?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 530=good bud, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. My girl and I are goin to Hawaii for vacation!!!! I'm stoked, but she gets terrible migraines--which she has an MMJ script for. She wants to know if her Cali script will work at a dispensary in Hawaii. We WILL NOT try to bring anything with us.
  2. Nope sorry it will not. I remember looking this up a while ago when I went to Hawaii. I can't remember the page where it explicitly tells you that you can not use out of state recommendations but if I can find it I will post a link.
  3. it shouldn't be hard to find bud in hawaii just be careful not to get ripped off They don't like mainlanders in Hawaii.. don't worry too much about getting busted because if you are not selling I doubt they will put u in jail unless it's a lot of nug...
  4. Thanks, all, for the info and the links, but Damn it!!! Friends of mine that have been to the islands told me that it will not be hard to find bud, but I just don't want to have to go looking for it, and I know she's not gonna ask for it around there. I guess I'll just have to hope it's as easy as everyone's told me it is. And hell yes 530 refers to the area code--NOR CAL!!!
  5. Take tincture, lollipops and cookies. The cannabis ones, I mean. Tincture is wonderful to travel with, b/c it doesn't look like, taste like, or smell like cannabis, but works like cannabis.
    Funny: if you mention 530 to some doctors, they go,"pot-heads" derogatively. Yay, for us!!!!!! Screw you, turkey docs!
  6. Someone else told me to bring edibles. My girl swears that they still smell. I have no idea because I have no sense of smell--at all. But while we're on this subject, do edibles smell? I literally can't smell so all I have to go by is my girl's nose. This is just to satisfy my curiosity at this point, because we're on Kauai now.
  7. kauai/maui/hawaii has the best bud in the world probably...

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