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Cali prices

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by flapjack1439, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey, I wasn't sure where to pst this so im doing it here. i need to know how much a pound of headies (top quality marijuana) costs in California. i need a good estimate. I'm looking for the cheapest i can get it but it has to be the best quality i can get.

    Thank you

    a guy :)
  2. wish it was this easy. if your intentions are finding someone to get it for you. wont happen here
  3. my intentions i wish to keep to myself i just need the average price for headies in cali
  4. ill keep my reasons for wanting to know to myself but can someone please give me the average price for a pound of heades? please dont assume or guess i can do that to
  5. anywhere from 2500 for some good chronic to 4000+ for AAA+ dank
  6. may i ask your source? and can i get some more people to confirm?
  7. Lol.

    This thread reeks of bacon.
  8. $3200 for Grade A. enough said.
  9. where about in cali is this?
  10. dude u need a connect??
  11. and ***** please u sayin im a cop u can go fuck urself i dont take likly 2 bein accused of shit
  12. kinda i just need to know how much weight is sellin for atm
  13. why does it censer "n i g g a" but not fuck?

  14. ...cant help u son lol

    ...dude u cant ask for connects on here man, look go on, hope it helps

    but wtf is atm??
  15. at the moment.

    OP, watch your self of asking for contacts ( Rules and you can get banned)

    I'm saying 2800-3400 in cal.
  16. #16 flapjack1439, May 14, 2010
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    BUDS4U2NV im not askin for a connect im just askin for prices
  17. #17 BUDS4U2NV, May 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2010
    as i said before is the best way to go, instead of getting banned on GC

    yea and does this look like the right place to post questions about prices based on this \/ \/

    Stash Jar- This forum is where you can discuss and post pictures of your current stash as well as specific strains. You can also post about where you smoke your stash, too.
  18. i had no clue where 2 post it. sry and A. Does not go to pounds. B. i inaccurate a lot. C. i dont really trust it in general. but thx everyone who was helpful peace im done wit this
  19. Forums - FAQ
  20. Because that's a racial slur, and 'Fuck' is not.
    People are more likely to be offended by the word Ni*** as opposed to the word fuck.

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