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[Cali] Odyssey Kush [Strain Review]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Vaporized, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Strain: Odyssey Kush
    Genetics: Oasis x Kushage
    Type: Indica dominant Hybrid
    High: Mellow body buzz - Good kick to the head
    Smell: A good mixture of an earthy aroma and skunk
    Taste: Similar to a bubba kush taste - Slightly more earthy finish
    Price: $55//3.8 grams
    Overall Rating: 8.6 out of 10

    Some pretty good herb I came across at a shop. It took good care of me today.

  2. I want to be you
  3. Lookin at thoes nugs makes my mouth water, enjoy :smoke:
  4. I would enjoy Cali way too much if I lived out there.:ey:
  5. never heard of th stain but that looks awesome dude. Your pictures are nice and crisp as usuall :)
  6. Thanks fellas
  7. Looks wonderful!!
  8. looks beautiful :smoke: makes me wanna move to Cali sooner
  9. Trichomes are just caked on there! Nice pick-up, sick strain name as well.
  10. we californians get spoiled
  11. This is just making me want to move to cali more and more.. haha, beautiful flowers = cali
  12. damn that shit looks beautfiul.
    man everytime i see these cali bud pick up threads it makes me want to move to california more and more
  13. This strain is VERY GOOD....grown in soil especially. It is great a week early just milky. :hello: my pain is real my life is short and truth is long!

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