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cali mist

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by underoath31791, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. so i recently picked up 1/4 of a bud called cali mist for $110. does that sound like a legit deal? i have a picture of what i bought. this is my first time buying this much weed on my own. usually i just mooch off of other people haha. but i asked around and the best deal i could find was 1/4 of normal kb for about $85 so i figured this was a better deal and my dealer is pretty trustworthy when it comes to bud. sorry i couldnt get a close up of it but my camera sucks. it smells amazing and has a ton of tiny orange and white hairs all over.

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  2. who knows for real if its actually cali mist, unless you know a grower
    that sounds like a ripoff completely 110 for a Q, but thats just my prices - - and it also looks nothing like the cali mist i got from a grower, but seeds/genetics change, if its good fuggit good pickup i guess
  3. yea the bud is really dry right now so the prices are pretty ridiculous. a couple months ago the prices were really cheap but right now it sucks.
  4. ive had cali mist before and its real good.

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