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Cali Meds: 3.5 of frosty PURPLE Sour Diesel (Review+Macros)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by H3adrush, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. It's been a while G.C since I posted my stash so I thought I might share this recent one. Nabbed this while I was in Hollywood for $40 at LAHC :smoking:

    Purple Sour Diesel (Hybrid)





    Review: I have never tried (or seen) purple Sour Diesel before so I had to try this batch. The nugs are dense and tight, with spots of purple. Smells like what it's named, a mix of purple with diesel. Taste is very mild and leans more on the purple side. The high was a creeper, hit me about a minute after taking a big :bongin:. Once it kicks in there is a moment of clarity where it feels like your eyes our ontop of your head. Sativa dominant high, a very nice strain!! Grade: 10/10
  2. wow very tasty lookin buds! :smoking:
  3. everyone told me my purple diesel was impossible to make so ill do the same to you... jk though shit looks amazing nice
  4. definitely some diggy dank!
  5. MMM looks excellent!:smoking:
  6. Frosty the Snowman ain't got nothin' on your Sour Diesel.
  7. Looks delicious!!!
  8. Shit, I'm movin' out there, you paid $40 for that?! It's $60 out here for stuff not even close to that. I applaud you:hello:, good sir, on this amazing pick up.
  9. Looks hella dank. Great pickup:devious::smoking:
  10. Wow those are some beautiful buds, and for $40 an 8th? That's a steal!
  11. They all look amazing! That Purp SD looks sooo chunky too, nice pick up!
  12. Yes 40 bucks an eighth for that kind of quality is hard to come by but it's definitely out there, just have to drive all the way to Studio City ;).
  13. Lmao my friend put that Freshly Baked pic in your sig on the top of one of his Philosophy essays haha.

    And yes that bud looks very, very dank.
  14. #15 mattwood1011, Jun 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2009
    Looks good bro

    Who ever said that is a dumbass

    unless the person who sold it to you told you it was a cross of GDP x Sour D or somthing like that.

    EDIT: But purple diesel is easy, Purple#1 x Sour Diesel
  15. Welcome to the city, man. I'm liking your picture. :)

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