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CALI med users...PAPERS VS CARD?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PuRpLePuRP, May 30, 2009.

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    I am really in need of med card and my doctor will prescribe me one in a heart beat due to the carpal tunnel in my left hand, but I have always had the concern of it being on my record when I apply for jobs out of college (currently a 3rd year College student). I have heard that if you get the papers, its just as good as having the actual card but it doesn't affect your ability to get a job. Any truth to this?

    Whats the main difference between the card and the papers?

    any suggestions for someone looking to get the card but avoid the profession cons?

    edit* cant spell for shit * CARPAL tunnel lol....
  2. Carpool tunnel? I hope the doctor is stoned when you mention that :D

    You don't need the state MMJ ID card. Just the doctor's recommendation is good enough to enter a dispensary and make a purchase. I've never been asked by a potential employer if I'm a MMJ patient.

    Keep in mind that earlier this year, the governor vetoed AB 2279, which would have made it illegal for employers to deny you employment because of your status as a MMJ patient. However, if you don't have the ID card from the state, I don't think potential employers have any way to find out.
  3. any other help from the city?
  4. LOL carpool syndrome! I'm so using that if I ever get pulled over for illegally using the car pool lane. "But officer, I have carpool syndrome!"
  5. I really don't understand how my response above wasn't enough to answer your question. :rolleyes:
  6. I'm not quite sure if this helps but most med shops that I've visited won't accept just the card alone, you HAVE to have your papers.

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