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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by tacotacoburrito, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Last thread went to hell but I am very interested in their gear. I bought some of their bubba BX2 and received some Jedi Kush as a freebie. I have only been growing for a year but I think the Jedi may be the most potent I have grown yet (and I have tried to grow a variety of well regarded strains). I have not smoked the Bubba yet but it sure looks good. Based on this I am thinking about another pack before the promo goes away. Not a ton in stock at Attitute now, but their lemon larry sounds interesting.

    Anyone else have good experience with them, or was it blind luck? I only grew 2 of the Jedi but they were very uniform and both female, would have thought they were fem seeds. I may pop 5 and make seeds since i have some left and really liked the two plants I grew out.

  2. I've smoked some of the chem 3 OG and it was awesome, I think they have a new version of it now. Thats the only thing I've tried of thiers but it was very good :smoke:
  3. Thanks, I'll go take a look!
  4. there is a thread on RIU. males in Cali COnnection female seeds.

    these guys are shady. have many complaints about hermies, males in females seeds. yes, males, not even hermies. search some more and you will see many problems.

    the breeders also responded to comments on their caliconnection thread by a fellow breeder. they seem like idiots trying to make $$$ as fast as they can.
  5. Every forum says crap like that about every breeder. I must admit thought I used regs, don't think they were even doing femmed beans when I tried them out :smoke:
  6. Interesting, FWIW I germinated three fems (all female no hermies) and 2 regs (both female no herms). Could have been luck, perhaps. Too small of a sample size to mean much at all.

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