Calcium or phosphorous deficiency?

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  1. Hello everybody, Pictures below. I think this is caused by a deficiency (calcium or phosphorous) or too high PH. I haven't had a PH tester until last night and discovered it was about 6.5, so i brought it down to a 5.6, also added 1ml of flora micro and gro in some fresh RO water. I'm hoping this does the trick. I'd like some input as this is a first for me, thanks fellas.

    Edit: Also, this is an auto going on week 3. 20/4 cycle and 3 feet from a 600 watt led panel in 3x3 tent. Temp is around 75 degrees.

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  2. I grew with nutrients for 6 years before switching to super soil and this is what I found to be true. The light tint is common to nitrogen deficiency, but what I am worried about is the spots.

    In some cases calcium deficiency presents as spots. I recommend giving your plants extra nitrogen and calcium.

    The full list of possibilities with these pictures are: nitrogen, calcium, sulfur, iron.
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  3. Thanks for the info. Do you suggest i use more flora micro and/or gro? Or get some calmag and something else for nitrogen?
  4. Grow for N, just up your veg nutrients a bit and calmag for calcium and magnesium

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  5. Will do, thanks!
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  6. Calmag plus nitro sounds good. As long as you are not burning your plants. As a weed they can recover from almost anything. If that doesnt work check out the other possibilities I listed
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