Calcium Deficiency or Impatience?

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    The seed was germinated and then direct sowed on June 14th. Seems to be going well, with a lot of focus on root growth at the moment. But do those new leaves look like they have a calcium deficiency or they will eventually expand? It would be surprising to see some nutrient deficiency this early on, the soil is pure compost, and never been used, has good drainage, etc.

    This is a balcony grow with afternoon sun.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. my first thought after reading your post is “back off the watering a bit/lot, and when you do water consider watering the outer say 4-6 inches of the seedling. “

    let me know if you think maybe it was just over watered and maybe needs to breath a little
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  3. I wouldn’t say it was overwatered by any means; always check a few inches below before watering. Soil looks a little moist in the photo because it was just topped off, but definitely exercising caution with the water.
  4. I didn’t water my plants for the first week after I watered the pot one day before transplanting. So cal grow 80 degree days right now - try watering less BF52B842-2BA3-41CF-AD75-CDD9E943D3D6.jpeg
  5. I could be wrong but I don't think it should be in straight compost. Usually you mix compost into soil with perilite to make a growing medium. Onion is the only plant I know of off top that can be sowed directly into compost. My guess is ph issues.
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  6. Ok, I will try watering less.

    To clarify, this isn’t straight compost, it is soil as well.
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  7. Impossible for those first set of leads to deficient of any nutrient. The cotlydon leads are what provides alot of nutrients for its baby stage
  8. It’s because you put in straight compost. As mentioned compost is mixed to make your soil Or bubbled for teas. It’s much too hot!

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