Calcium Deficiency? Help!

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    I am a first time grower in SoCal, but I am reading a lot, watching videos, and doing my best.

    I have (2) Durban poisons, (1) Mimosa, (1) King Louis.

    About 10 days ago I noticed some brown spots on King Louis's leaves. More and more appeared and from what the WWW and videos say, I believe it to be Calcium Deficiency. Please confirm?

    Heat Stress? Its been bloody hot.

    My water is 7.0 from the tap, so I add a little bit of PH down, and Grow Big every other day or so, when the plants look thirsty and the soil feels ready.

    I also started adding CalMag a few days ago to the sick plant and the healthy plants, but I fear it may be too late. The King Louis went from looking like my healthy plants, to having brown spots, to almost dead which it is now.

    Side Note, this is also the Only plant I topped. I topped it for the first time and only time, about 3 weeks ago. I've never grown, or topped before, so I only tried it on one plant. Yes I sterilized the Fiskars.

    Please advise. Thank you.


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  2. No fixing that. It’s gone.
  3. Copy. What about my other three plants.

    Any tips or thoughts? I lost 2, clones, 1 during Veg it seems. I have three plants left I am determined to keep healthy.

    Thank you for your help.

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  4. Calcium def, but really heat shock and drought.
    You can add calmag solution to your solution. You can also add some mycorrhizae to help protect with drought.
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    Next time i suggest you do a
    water , feed, water , feed regimen ph 6 5
    And smaller amounts of nutrients with a straight water in between feeds
    Just like anything too much of one thing is not always a good thing .
    Less is more when it comes.e to these plants.
    Chalk it up as a learning hurdle and adjust your routine.
    Happy growing .

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  6. Thank You!
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