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  1. I just brought cal mag today
    I'm abit confused
    Can i mix it into the water with the nutrients or do i hve to put in seperate lot of water and Water it seperatly ?

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    Not sure what medium you use, but I mix CM in with either plain water or with my nute solution (Canna Terra) depending on what is due..(once a week for me..soil grow)
  3. Add it to your water 1st, than add your nutes. If you are checking ppm I like to be around 200 with my calmag in. That's .7 scale.

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  4. How offen do i need to give it to them im in coco medium and flowering
  5. From my understanding I think with coco thy need nutrients every day. Cuz coco doesn't hold, Dont quote me

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  6. Lol yeah i know about that not talking about nutes talking abut calmag lol
  7. I wouldn't mix. I had problems with that. Also the blue ph down will fizzle when mixed together. I am a fox farmer and I don't use much. Maybe a table spoon every 2 weeks

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  8. Daily, it's in my tank and waters 4 times a day.

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  9. I'd say every feed. Coco doesn't hold any nutes.
  10. I use coco an i use calmag.

    Add it to every feed included with your nutes.

    Best to make a resivoir up to feed them so you dont have to fart around mixing nutes everytime you feed the plants

    Keep your ph at 5.8 as well.

    I will use calmag as standard in every feed all the way through veg until the 4th/5th week of flower.

    Give it the full dose as well no half doses
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