Cal/Mag Def?

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  1. Hi everyone, in week 2 of flower on my dwarf low flyers. everything was going pretty smooth for the most part. this morning I noticed some brown blotching on a couple of leaves. I'm thinking it is a CAL/MAG deficiency. I just changed the nutrient solution and upped the cal/mag hoping this will solve any future problems like this. temps have been a little bit high also.

    does this look like a cal mag def? 20190605_215928.jpg

    thanks in advance for any helpful responses.
  2. It's highly possible you may have "locked out" the calcium there man. Those leave's are clawing pretty bad & there way to dark green with those burnt tip's.
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  3. Looks like nitrogen toxicity.

    Super Green Leaves
    Leathery Looking

    Nitrogen Tox
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  4. 10-4 on the nitrogen toxicity.

    I also dropped the nitrogen quite a bit so hopefully that helps out. I mistook the curling leaves for a temperature problem in the tent.

    thanks for the help guys, will keep updating,

    any other advice welcome .
  5. using flora 3 part series with CALi/MAGic and ArmorSI.

    last night Upped the CAL/MAG, and for whatever reason I thought the N-P-K on the floragro(the green one) was high in N. its not its 2-1-6, the flora micro has 5-0-1.

    i'm only running 2/3 strength nutrients right now.

    But i think it might be worth it today to switch out the nutrient solution again and lower the flora micro (nitrogen) lower.

    hoping the plant isn't too far gone. definitely been clawing for awhile and like i said i mistook it for a temperature problem.
  6. What order are you mixing your nutrients into your water? There’s a specific order with that line of nutes that you need to be using if you’re not some nutes will bind and lock others out.
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  7. looking like N toxicity is setting in ,,,,mac,
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  8. Yep 10 4. Mixing as per the instructions. Armor si. Cal mag. Micro. gro. bloom. then ph up and down.

    I changed out the nutrients again today and cut everything down by 50% raised the light also to lower temps at the canopy a bit

    Hope this gets things back on track

    Thanks for the help everyone.

    All help welcome

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  9. The plants are "sweating" it looks like. Is thisndue to temps being to high?

    Thanks guys

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  10. High temps/low humidity cause perspiration.
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  11. Thanks for the help guys, Lowered the nutrient strength to a little less than 1/3.

    the brown spots seemed to have stopped from what I can tell. the Dark green colours and leathery look seems to be improving also.

    managed to get the temp under control (air conditioner)

    i think this is looking better??
    what do you all think?

    thanks again everyone.
  12. I generally flush my ladies for a few days with water only whenever I have issues with lock out. PH can affect it too. Have you PH tested your run off yet?
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  13. I see a slight burn on the tips of the leaves which tells me the soil is hot or at least the plant has ample nutes, its just not getting enough of the Nitrogen. I think it could be PH related Nutrient lockout.
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  14. ph 5.8-6.0
  15. Yeah I dropped the Nutrient solution way down to under 200ppm last week to try to deal with the Nitrogen Toxicity/ lockout/cal-mag def.

    I don't know how the tips can still be burning there is almost no nutrients in the water.

    its DWC i should have mentioned.

    thanks for the help brother.
  16. run off or before you pour? nvm lol
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  17. I always PH the water to 5.8 when I change the Nutrient/ clean the buckets.

    I just checked the reservoir in the DWC and its at 6.2 which I guess is a bit high right?
  18. Nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium have similar absorption PH ranges except cal/mag can still be absorbed at slightly higher PH then nitrogen. So if you think it could be one of the three, or maybe a little of all three, then chances are the PH is a little on the lower side which could explain the lockout looking like its more on the Nitrogen deficiency side of that PH scale. Try upping the PH a little.
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  19. leave at 6.2 for a bit and see what happens . You said the plants are looking better....maybe its the 6.2?
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  20. 10-4, thanks for the help brother!

    will post another picture in a couple days
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