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  1. Yeah I know it's a little kiddie drug, but damn, without it, I have the worst headaches in the world. I still love soda and energy drinks and fucking HATE coffee, I guess my taste buds never grew up. Anyone else like it?
  2. Come on, nobody likes the most commonly used recreational drug in the world? 90 percent of americans use it daily.
  3. i once thought about taking a bunch of those caffeine pills to get wired up but never did...
  4. If I do not have my coffee in the morning I will go knock over a convince store....anything for my caffeine fix!:devious:
  5. Coffee is the shit, starts your morning and helps you through the day. Same with Monster and COCAINE ENERGY DRINK!
  6. I'm usually a binge caffeine user...if I have to stay up all night, I'm definitely jacked up on caffeine (Amp. That shit is awesome!). But generally, the most I can handle is whatever is in tea. Caffeine in general can make me nauseous and jittery. Plus, if I'm already anxious, it can set off a panic attack. :( However, I still love raspberry mochas...if anything, I'm more addicted to the chocolate in the mochas than the caffeine. lol

    My mom, on the other hand, is addicted to Diet Coke. She is so grumpy before she gets her fix in the morning, and she gets headaches if she doesn't drink it. It pisses me off sometimes...
  7. Does she have to have it in the can, ice cold?

    My wife used to be hooked on diet Coke. Can only. She switched to Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder tea (with Mate). I do not know what they put in diet Coke that makes it so uniquely addictive for women.
  8. Coffee in the morning is one of the best times of day for me. I enjoy that shit.
  9. I absolutely hate Soda/Energy Drinks/Coffee so i try and stay away, ill have a soda like once every 2 weeks but other than that ill pass

  10. I think she usually drinks it in a can, but for the most part I don't think it matters much. Just so long as she gets it, lol. Ice cold is a must, though. She can't stand warm Diet Coke (which is good, b/c the formaldehyde levels rise the warmer it is :eek:). She's even admitted that she thinks she's addicted to it. That's why I don't drink soda, except for Sprite. Sprite is delicious. :D

    TBH, I wish she would switch to something else like tea, or iced tea. Drinking Diet Coke like that is so unhealthy.
  11. i dont consume any caffeine at all, ever.

    no reason really.. i used to drink soda all the time. but after my eating disorder my blood sugar was all off i guess and now i cant even drink soda bc its too sweet, makes me sick. but thats not really the caffeine making me sick i guess bc root beer doesnt have it and that makes me sick too. its like, the syrup.. vomit.

    and i dont really drink coffee.. i have at times, but not for awhile.
  12. I love caffeine. Coffee, coke, tea, rockstars, nodoz... it's all good :D definitely need some every morning or I'm a cranky prick
  13. I take caffeine pills.
    Its really cheap and convenient, and it gives me a nice buzz.
  14. I used to know someone who put caffeine pills in decaffeinated coffee. That was weird.:confused:
  15. In the morning I use to have 4-8 cups of coffee... but not anymore. I stopped about a week ago. It sucks! I get headaches throughout the entire day, and I'm no doctor, but it's probably caffeine withdraws.

    Time to medicate :smoke:
  16. Best time I had with caffeine was before an Exam. I had 3 energy drinks and a couple espresso shots. I was...euphoric. 'Twas fun :p
  17. Its really sucky being addicted.

    headaches...sickness all that shit..

    imagine fucknig heroin withdraw
  18. I've had some hella bad caffeine withdrawals, I was depressed as fuck and even after I had stopped using for a while, the headaches persisted for weeks. I usually get headaches if I don't get it for maybe 6 hours, I rode my bike to walgreens at like 11 just to go cop some caffeine pills and a 24 oz. rockstar. Snorted 400 mg of the caffeine pills, downed 240 mg more in the rockstar. 640 mg of caffeine would send somebody else through the roof, but I'm so tolerant that only 300 mg+ has an effect on me. What I'm feeling right now is like a tiny amphetamine high, minus the euphoria.
  19. Caffeine? Dear God! Gotta have French Roast (yes, I buy a tons of Starbucks) that I grind myself. At least 3x daily.
    And, if for some reason I can't have my coffee...I drink coke. Have never tried the energy drinks...what do they taste like anyway?:confused:
  20. They all differ in taste, but I prefer rockstar if you like a sweet taste. Pretty much the exact opposite of a bittery coffee taste IMO.

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