Caesars a dick bag. (Civilization: 5)

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  1. Im relatively new to playing this game but i love it so much.

    Tonight i was playing a game and after a few hours, shit got real. Caesar had built like 10 fucking towns, spread way the hell apart. He then started talking shit to every other civ in the game and declared war on france for god knows why and took over their capital.

    By this time, i have somehow beat everyone to gunpowder by a looooong shot and acquired like 8 musket squads and a bunch of trebuchets, just incase shit like this went down.

    I plopped down a new city and apparently it was close enough that he was pissed about it. A few turns later, my small town has 4 roman legions surrounding it. Nothing happened but it was enough to make me a little uneasy.

    2 turns later, he denounces my main bro Korea, and Caesar keeps telling me Korea sucks, and that hes got a problem with me.

    Funnily enough, next turn every civ denounces him.

    Seeing an opportunity, I get Korea, France, and Russia to go to war with me but it would take 10 turns.

    I make a b line alllll the way to his front door with muskets and cannons, and his towns literally fall after 2 hits, and his troops are getting mowed down.

    I keep this up for awhile, clear all but 1 of his cities and eventually he begs for peace and gives me all kinds of shit, that i gave away for the most part(i was loaded and France was the poorest civ atm.)

    It was great.

    But yeah, curious as to see if anyone else has had problems with him or had any crazy shit like this happen.

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  2. Lol stuff like that does happen once in a while. I feel like ceasar can be a dick a lot but I think that civ that is a huge dick the most frequently is Montezuma.

    I've noticed that if any civ is close to him early game, he's gonna go to war with them.
  3. Never underestimate Gandhi, he is a notorious dick.  He will make deals and turn on you in an instant.  Also spies a lot
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    I havent played with Ghandi yet but I hear he nukes like a mofo.

    We had been chill for like 40 years. He did his occasional dick move to everyone but didnt fuck with me anymore. Well after a bit, i noticed one of my towns had been converted to his religion, and a missionary was chillin, and i noticed this because i caught him spying. Told him if he does it again, id fuck him up. 10 turns later, missionaries again.

    Got my bros Russia and Korea to back me, burnt his entire empire to the ground. The best part was we moved up on his capital and he offered everything he had for peace.

    Declined, pillaged all the hexes, gave Rome away. Didnt even get warmongering becuz i freed all kinds of workers and gave france back their capital that he took.

    One of the most satisfying experiences i've had gaming in a loooong time.

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  5. He is a dickbag too. More annoying imo than outright retarded like Caesar, but nonetheless a dick.

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  6. england is always the worst for me. queen elizbitch always makes my life hard. 
  7. In my games shes stubborn, and her tone drives me to want to murder and pillage but besides that she's not been a real threat to me(fucks with the lowest scoring nation though alot, and i usually have to intervene cause i always ally with the underdog.)

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  8. in my last game me and china where sharing africa, this bitch proceeds to make a ton of 1 population cities ALL over basically stomping out my expansion, causing me to attack her, i was just trying to breeze threw to a nice science win but this bitch had to go and cause an issue with a nigga haha
  9. This is what Caesar had done. I didnt mind it at first because i had plenty of room and good resources, but when he plops a city down like 5 hexes from my capital shits gonna get real haha.

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  10. Babylon is the one you need to worry about. 
    yea china does a FUCK TON of expansion. Every game. Without fail. Period.
    Certain civs tend to play the same way all the time. China, India, and Russia will have gigantic civs and civs like the aztecs, the huns, and the mongols start fights really early.
  12. china wasnt the issue, me and china where happy together, i was selling them cotton and gold, we had a research agreement going on, life was good. england was the asshole
  13. oh, lol. my fault I obviously misread it. I stand by what I said though, China expands a lot, but she's not always confrontational. I've really only seen her be a bitch when my brother plays. I'm generally cool with her unless I feel like expanding.
    And I haven't been in games with England since like the before Gods and Kings so I got no data on her.
  14. ahhhh i just got civ like a month ago, i havnt gotten GnK or BNW world yet. 
  15. Genghis Khan is usually the biggest asshole I run into. The Ottomans are pretty bad too. Ceasar hasn't been too bad to me. Oddly enough, when I was the English the Siamese declared war on me out of the blue and I always associated them as one of the most peaceful civs in the game.
  16. we should have some GC civ games
    I've only had one experience with Siam and they were complete pricks. Kept trying to convert my cities to their religion and kept sending spies to my Capital. Eventually I think it was China who declared war on them and completely fucked them up. 
    But yeah, China and Caesar always have huge, sprawling empires but all their cities are weak as hell. I prefer to have an empire with like 3 or 4 cities that are extremely well guarded.
  18. Yea i generally have like 5 cities with like 20 citizens a pop by the end of the game. I made one civ that had cities all spread around and I ran shit that game too but there was a little bit too much micro managing for me. I generally just have one city that produces a mess load of each thing. If that makes any sense.

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