Cadbury Mini Eggs...

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  1. Quite possibly the best chocolate ever made. Your thoughts?:smoke:
  2. dank. ghiradeli (sp) if good too.
  3. I second this thought.

    I love them fuckers with a passion.
  4. [​IMG]

    Oh so gooooooood!!!!!

  5. Not sure if they havew them in America but between New years until Easter these things are the Shit


  6. Yeah, they have the cadbury creme eggs in America. I find them at gas stations and other places in between holidays too. And, yes, they're fucking delicious.
  7. fucking amazing might i add. and people are worried about marijuana being addictive. you gota watch out for those things.
  8. ive loved the regualr cabury cream eggs since i was 4 and now your telling me there is a mini version?:eek:
  9. Nahhh what we speak of is small solid milk chocolate eggs with a hard powdered shell over it,Which basically spells amazing.
  10. Hmmm, M-I-N-I E-G-G-S ... I believe he is right.
  11. Ever since I first had one when I was like 5 I've been in love with them. Original is still my favorite, but the caramel ones are awesome too. Too bad you can only find them in shops around easter time.
  12. [​IMG]

    much better than the normal ones.
  13. How can it possibly be a cadbury egg without the CREME?!

    That is just blasphemous. :p
  14. ahhh the mini's FTW. im out to the store to get some...
  15. Well yes are mini-cream eggs...


    And in Ireland we also have these babies, that circulate the consumer market 365 days a year

  16. Cadbury Creme Eggs for the fucking win.

    Also, Kinder Surprise. They're nice as fuck. And you get to make a little toy aswell!! fucking cool!

  17. OMG! I want both of these right NOW. I have never seen such beauty. I am ashamed to say I cannot get my fiance to eat these for the life of me. I've used extreme peer pressure and she still won't do it. She doesn't like the "goo" :confused_2:
  18. Leave her...

    Kidding, of course but that's just down-right insenseitive.

    It's just choclate with delicious cream inside, and yes I do realise I'm being a prick in describing the unreal flavours that consume all of your senses as you bite into thick choclate shell and as the the beautiful fondant flows into your mouth.


  19. wow that looks amazing, i also love those Flakes, cant find any in America tho.
  20. quite possibly - i always buy TONS of em this time of year. They started making Cadbury Christmas bells or ornaments this year - basically the same thing only in the shape of a circle.

    I dont like the regular cadbury eggs, but now they make em with caramel or fudge filling, and those are both amazing.

    damn i need some chocolate now....

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